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Meet Tyler Strafaci

February 15th, 2022

EarthLink is proud to sponsor Tyler Strafaci, Georgia Tech alum and professional golfer. His professional career launched last summer, and he has a promising future ahead. That also means more time traveling to tournaments — so how does Tyler stay connected, and focused, when he’s on the road? Let’s find out.

How Tyler Fell for Golf

Tyler’s journey to the game of golf has really been lifelong. Although he did play team sports, like basketball and baseball, golf ran deep. His grandfather was an American amateur golfer, who competed against top amateurs of his time, and his parents both played collegiate golf in Florida — so Tyler grew up with a club in his hand. And when he started playing more seriously around age 13, he got hooked.

“I realized I liked being in control of the outcome – it’s really all on me in a tournament, and ever since that it’s been a passion of mine,” he said.

Choosing Georgia Tech

So how does someone born and raised in Florida choose to attend school at Georgia Tech?

Well, its reputation precedes it.

“The reputation of the school and the golf program are really the reasons I chose Georgia Tech. The program is historic, and Coach Bruce Heppler has been there for more than 25 years — consistently doing great things. He’s had multiple players go to the PGA tour and has a strong overall record, which really appealed to me,” Tyler said.

A golf ball approaching the hole and a cell phone near the golf caddy

“My parents also wanted me to go somewhere where I could get a solid education,” he explained. “I worked hard for four years there and had a backup plan before I decided to pursue professional golf. I can rely on that education moving forward, which provides freedom and some peace of mind. A degree from Tech really matters, and I love being part of the alumni.”

On Favorite Memories

Tyler has more than a decade of golfing under his belt. And while his favorite memory may be the one many would expect, it’s not because of the title.

“My favorite memory is winning the North and South Amateur Championship in 2020. My dad had played in that tournament, and my grandfather had won it [in 1938 and 1939]. I never met my grandfather, but he is a really huge part of my life. When I made that putt, it was the coolest feeling. It felt like I was so close to him, and that my father really got to be closer to his father through that win.

“It was an out-of-body experience, really.”

On Technology That Improves His Life

When competing in golf tournaments around the country, Tyler can’t always physically be with those who are important to him.

“Being connected and always having the ability to contact my friends, or work from home or the road is everything. One of my resolutions this year is to be more consistent about keeping in touch with people while I’m away for a tournament.”

But connectivity is important for practice, too.

“Without my phone service or internet, practice would be very different. I like to listen to music while I practice, and lately I’ve gotten into Grateful Dead and classic rock. But I also use the TrackMan Golf app. It’s a golf tech app that I use for two or three hours every day because it picks up your statistics of how far the ball goes, how fast, how high, the angle you hit it from, and more. It’s an investment that’s really helped me be able to hone my skills.

“But I’ve also worn a WHOOP watch since junior year of college. I was injured about six months ago, so as I’ve been recovering and getting back to working out, I’ve relied heavily on this to help see where I’m at. Of course, you should always listen to your body in terms of if you need or how you’re feeling before your workout, but this really simplifies recovery for me because it reads so much deeper,” he explains.

“At the level I’m playing at, everything is so precise — using this type of technology simplifies things and shows what I can (or can’t) be doing on a daily basis,” says Tyler.

On Staying Connected

Just like Tyler is planning to stay more connected to loved ones while traveling this year, he’s also planning to be more present on social media.

“I’ll definitely be posting a lot more often about what tournaments I’m in so people can make sure to follow or tune in. I’ll be posting my schedule from week to week as well, so it’ll definitely be easier for people to keep up from home.”

Plus, depending on what cable or streaming package you subscribe to, you might be able to watch Tyler during his tournaments from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Next?

After finishing school and entering the professional golf world, what’s coming up in 2022 for Tyler?

“I really feel like my career is back on track, and I’m excited about what this year brings. I have no idea where I’ll be in a year — and that’s the cool thing,” Tyler said. “I’m no longer getting any free starts from the PGA tour, so it’s just getting what I put into the game. That takes the pressure off because I’m really earning my way and earning respect from peers.

“Everything is out in front of me. I’m looking forward to a great 2022.”

You can follow Tyler on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his latest wins and upcoming appearances. Planning to stream the next tournament? Make sure you have the best high-speed internet to keep up with every aspect of your life.

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