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You deserve reliable, high-speed wireless internet without cables and satellite. For quality service, convenient installation and affordable prices, EarthLink is your link to better wireless home internet.

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A Connection You Can Count On.

Many wireless home internet providers make promises they can’t keep. Some claim overall coverage but can’t provide high-speed wireless internet for rural areas. Others promise a locked-in price but hike your rates when it’s time to renew your yearly contract.

No one likes unreliable wireless internet providers. With EarthLink, our promise is as clear as our connection.

EarthLink is the largest provider of rural wireless internet in the United States, more than any other wireless internet service provider. Even if we can’t provide wireless internet in your home, we’ll find other options for you. Unlike the other guys, we won’t increase your price after your first year with us.

Don’t believe us? Try EarthLink Wireless Home Internet with no contracts or early termination fees*.

Secure Connection

Uses Fastest Available Speeds

No Contract or ETFs for WHI

Variety of Data Plans

Quick and Easy Installation

Track Data Usage on the App

EarthLink Home Wireless Internet Plans

Want to find out what wireless internet plan is right for you?

If you still have questions about which plan is right for you, one of our Internet Experts can help. Just give us a call at 866-311-2093, and we’ll help you find the data limit that best fits your needs when you place your order.

Want to upgrade your current plan with EarthLink? Call our internet experts at 866-311-2093 or log onto the EarthLink Wireless Home Internet app and review or update your plan at any time.

Least Data

per month

Most Data

per month

150 GB data per month

Perfect for small-screen entertainment, frequent online shopping and social media use on a few devices. Most days, you’re tweeting about the shoes you just ordered online, making TikToks, catching up on LinkedIn and watching YouTube on your phone or laptop. You watch a movie on a small screen once a week, but you mostly use the internet to stay connected to friends and family. You might be a student or a single homeowner.

Best for: Downloading a book on Kindle, frequently browsing online stores, posting often on social media.

Not for: Frequent streaming. You might be a digital nomad instead.

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How Does Wireless Internet for Home Work?

Wireless Home Internet uses the same towers as your cell phone but offers so much more — even reduced lag time.

Once the device arrives at your home, it functions just like a typical router, but with even easier set-up. Just plug it in and activate your service, and, in minutes, you’ll have a secure, private internet connection for your home with WiFi that can typically support multiple devices.

And your device will be in your hands within just a few days of calling EarthLink.

No more “internet desert.”

No more spotty coverage.

No more contracts*.


Ready to get started?

What’s the Difference Between Wireless Internet and Fiber Internet?

Both types of high-speed internet will get you online, but they serve different purposes. Wireless home internet is a new type of internet connection that functions very similarly to a mobile phone data plan. When you sign up for it, you choose a monthly data plan, rather than selecting a speed. It focuses on getting internet access to areas where fiber internet (or other high-speed internet options) just isn’t available. Let’s break it down even more.

If you’re in an area where fiber internet is available, that will always be the best option. But if you’re currently stuck with spotty cable, DSL, or satellite internet, wireless internet is likely a much better choice. It’s more affordable and more reliable than satellite and faster than both satellite and DSL.

Wireless Home Internet

Fiber Internet

Ideal for remote areas that rely on DSL or satellite internet

Ideal for areas with fiber internet access

Wireless connection

Wired connection

Easy to self-install

Includes professional installation

A variety of LTE data plans

No data caps

Our Customers Think EarthLink Is the Best Wireless Internet Service for Home and Rural Internet.

Friendly and efficient service

Absolutely amazing!

Service I NEVER received from AT&T

Knowledgeable and caring customer service

Awesome experience!

I would recommend EarthLink to anyone!


Wireless Home Internet FAQs

Why Wireless Home Internet from EarthLink

Are you:

  • Living in an area with limited internet service like satellite or DSL internet, but no fiber internet or cable?
  • Planning to move to a new town?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, wireless internet is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re the largest provider of internet in rural areas, so we’ve got you covered.

Does Wireless Internet Use 5G for Home Internet?

Wireless home internet is unique because it uses the strongest signal from the cell phone towers nearby. For now, 5G home internet isn’t available in many places. But as it expands, you’ll be the first to know when you can use 5G internet service.

If you live in a more rural area where 4G LTE is widely available, you’ll be covered with a high-speed 4G home internet connection.

Wherever you are, your device will automatically connect to the fastest signal nearby. Getting great internet access has never been so easy.

What Speeds Can I Get with Wireless Home Internet?

With EarthLink as your wireless home internet provider, you’ll never have to worry about choosing the right speed. Instead, your device automatically connects to the fastest signal from your surrounding cell towers — no research required, no speed plan selection necessary. We like to keep it simple.

How Do I Choose the Right Wireless Home Internet Data Plan for Me?

If you’ve signed up for cell phone service, you know how choosing a data plan works. Think about how you typically use the internet — do you like to stream movies occasionally? Do you mostly get online to check your email or order groceries?

The more time you spend online, the more data you’ll need. While Wireless Home Internet is not a great fit for streaming on big screens or gaming, for regular internet users we recommend our 200 GB plan. For those who are only occasionally connected to surf the web, the 100 GB or 150 GB plan might be the plan for you. You can also take our quiz at the top of this page or call our Internet Experts to learn more.

How Do I Set Up EarthLink Wireless Home Internet?

  • Place your order with EarthLink at 866-311-2093
  • Your device will arrive about two business days later and will already have the SIM card installed
  • Plug it into an outlet near a window and follow the prompts on our EarthLink Wireless Home Internet App, free to download in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Prefer to set everything up online? That’s easy too! Just use our online Wireless Home Internet portal.
  • Enjoy your internet connection!
  • Monitor your data usage and make any plan upgrades right from the app.

How many devices can I purchase? How many will I need?

You will only need one Wireless Home Internet router for your home. We are now leasing to customers one router per service address. A monthly router fee will appear as a separate line item on your invoice for this equipment lease.

How many wireless devices can I connect to my WiFi router?

You can connect several wireless devices to your Wireless Home Internet router — it all depends how you use it. But as more devices are added to your network, you may experience slower speeds due to use or even traffic to the cell tower. More devices also means more data, so you’ll want to keep track of your usage on the app.

Does this service have a contract?

There are no annual service contracts for the Wireless Home Internet services — it’s a monthly service and you can cancel at any time without incurring any additional fees. By purchasing and using our Wireless Home Internet service, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, including our Internet Service Agreement, which is located here: earthlink.net/tcs.

If you choose to end your service, we’ll send you instructions on how to return your router. If you don’t return the device router within 30 days, you will be charged a non-returned fee of $200 plus any applicable taxes.

Please note, this does not apply to other internet services such as EarthLink Fiber Internet and EarthLink Satellite Internet. Contracts and early termination fees may still apply.

What kind of speeds can I expect?

Speeds will vary by person, device, and location and are based on your surrounding cell towers. Generally, you can expect download speeds between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps and upload speeds between 5 Mbps and 15 Mbps.

What do data limits mean?

When you sign up for EarthLink Wireless Home Internet, you’ll choose a data plan. Currently, we offer 100 GB, 150 GB, 200 GB, and 300 GB plans.

The data plan indicates how much data you can use per month. Once you’ve reached your plan’s data limit, you’ll lose internet access for the rest of the billing cycle. You can always purchase additional data or upgrade your plan to reconnect. Keep track of your data usage on our app or find out more about data limits here.

What if I need more data later? What if I run out of data before the end of the month? How much is additional data? How much would it cost to upgrade?

No worries! We’ve got all your data needs covered. Just log onto the EarthLink Wireless Home Internet Mobile App (available for free on the Apple App or Google Play store) or our Customer Portal to add data or upgrade your plan.

You can also contact our EarthLink Internet Experts to assist you. An additional 5 GB of data costs $6.95 and there is no limit to how much additional data you can purchase each month. Any leftover data will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle.

*The absence of a contract and early termination fees offered by EarthLink is applicable exclusively to its Wireless Home Internet service. This policy does not extend to other internet services such as EarthLink Fiber Internet or EarthLink Satellite Internet, where contracts and termination fees may still apply.