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Is Wireless Home Internet the Best Back-Up Plan for Your Internet?

Date Published:  June 2nd, 2022Date Updated:  October 10, 2022

Summary: If you’ve ever felt like your internet network is getting crowded, it could be time to upgrade. Adding a backup solution could offer the elbow room you need — whether it’s for your personal life or your small business. Here’s how it works and how it can help prevent missed calls and missed sales.

Ever wish you had a second path to getting online? Whether it’s your roommates sitting in a work conference at the same time you’re trying to lead a meeting, your kids playing video games while you’re trying to stream a movie, or just a loss of internet while the provider repairs the lines, we’ve all been there.

And if you haven’t planned out how to stay online, like downloading files ahead of time, you can quickly become frustrated waiting for videos to buffer and sites to load.

But fear not. With the new technology of wireless home internet, you can basically have a generator for your wired internet. That’s right, we said it: a generator model for your internet connection.

What is Wireless Home Internet?

If you haven’t heard us raving about it yet, wireless home internet is a dependable option for folks living in rural areas who want great internet service. Instead of using a wired connection, this internet uses nearby cell phone towers to create a network in your home. Plus, the signal is local, so it’s more reliable and has less lag time than satellite internet. With speeds up to 100 Mbps, wireless home internet is also faster than DSL.

It functions similarly to a mobile hotspot: it uses cell towers and requires a monthly data plan. But it can also support way more devices (think: dozens instead of a handful) and won’t burn through your phone’s battery. And with speeds up to 100 Mbps, it’s three times faster than your phone.

Illustration of a household of people on devices, with one person using their wireless home internet device to connect

So really, it’s the best of both worlds between wired and wireless internet. And we’ve got you covered if you still have questions about what wireless home internet is.

Can You Use Wireless Home Internet During a Power Outage?

Because wireless home internet relies on cell towers, if your phone has a signal, your device does, too. So just because your wired internet plan is down, your wireless home internet plan can still work.


One caveat? It does need electricity to work. In other words, you’d need a generator or an uninterruptible power supply for your internet network to work if all the power was out. But hey, we didn’t call this a generator model for nothing!

Why Do I Need a Backup Internet Connection?

Wondering why you’d want to pay another monthly bill for internet service when you… already have internet service? Great question!

Just like you can use an ethernet cable to hardwire into your networks if the WiFi is acting spotty, you can use wireless home internet to boost your internet connection — especially if you have a larger or data-loving household. Attempting to use multiple data-heavy activities at a time (like collaborating on large files while someone else streams a movie) slows everybody down.

Using a second internet source during those high-traffic times (or, for instance, if you’re in the middle of an important call or interview and want to have a signal without interruption) takes some of the pressure off your network, allowing everything to work more smoothly.

One thing to keep in mind is that wireless home internet does have a data plan, or a limited amount of data you can use every month. So, if you have fiber internet at your house, this plan works best as a true backup.

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Bonus: if you’ve got a second home (or you’re in the process of moving), you can use wireless home internet to stay online. Cue up that cleaning playlist and enjoy high-speed internet without waiting for a professional installation truck to roll up the driveway.

Backup Internet for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, a secondary internet connection could be even more important for you. Picture this: the cable internet plan at your storefront works just fine most of the time. But during the after-work rush, it slows down because the folks who live in the apartments above are all home and streaming TV while cooking dinner.

Then, you have trouble connecting to your network, and your Square reader won’t work. Unless the customer has cash, you risk losing the sale. With another option available, like wireless home internet, you can simply switch network connections. And wireless home internet doesn’t use a shared connection, so it won’t matter that your neighbors are home from work.

You keep the sale, the customer has a smooth experience, and everyone leaves happier.


Just like you grab some bottled water when you’re expecting a storm or keep a frozen pizza on hand for nights when you just don’t want to cook, you deserve a back-up plan for your internet connection, too. EarthLink Wireless Home Internet offers a variety of plans, so there’s something to fit your needs. Plus, it’s easy to install and doesn’t require expensive equipment fees. Get started by calling us today at 8663112093.

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