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Blog: What Is a Password Manager, and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a Password Manager, and Why Do You Need One?

Summary: Writing your passwords on a sticky note isn’t going to cut it anymore. To keep your personal information safe and secure, you need a password manager. Let’s get into what it is, why you should have one, and which are the best.   You’ve heard it time and again: use a strong, unique password and

How Much Data Does Netflix Use for Streaming?

Summary: If you keep hitting your internet data cap, streaming might just be the reason. Did you know that you can adjust your settings on Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube to be a better digital conservationist? Yep. We’ve got the scoop on how much data Netflix uses plus how to trim it back — without missing

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Ranking the Three Best Internet Options for Rural Areas

Summary: Getting fast, reliable internet in rural areas — or many places outside of the city — can feel like a nearly impossible task. But with these tips, it just got easier. We’re comparing the best internet options for rural areas. So, dive in and find what might work best for your household. Short on