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Health information on your phone

How to Keep Your Health Information Safer on Your Phone

Summary: Most smartphones have a built-in health app — in addition to any that you might have downloaded. But keeping your personal information private can be tricky — here are our best tips for knowing what you should (and shouldn’t) keep on your phone and how you can adjust your app settings to fit your

Outline of a TV with the Netflix logo on it

How Much Data Does Netflix Use for Streaming?

Summary: If you keep hitting your internet data cap, streaming might just be the reason. Did you know that you can adjust your settings on Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube to be a better digital conservationist? Yep. We’ve got the scoop on how much data Netflix uses plus how to trim it back — without missing

Stack of shiny metals

How is Precious Metal Used in Smart Devices?

Summary: We’re all trying to be more eco-friendly, whether that’s using energy-efficient smart homes or traveling with a reusable coffee mug. But you might not realize that your smartphone (and most other tech, too) requires precious metals to work. Or that the United States throws away more than $7 million in raw materials every single