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More internet availability than any other ISP in the U.S.

Speeds up to 5 Gigs** with fiber internet

No change in what you pay for 12 months

Futuristic, fast fiber internet

Pick from our most popular Fiber Internet plans or contact us to find the perfect plan for you!


EarthLink Internet up to

5000 Mbps

Our fastest speed available! Stream and game to your heart's content on unlimited devices.


EarthLink Internet up to

300 Mbps

Our most popular plan! Work, play, stream, and download from up to 12 devices.


EarthLink Internet up to

100 Mbps

Our best price available! Enjoy high-speed fiber internet on up to 5 devices.

Get the right internet for your home.

Looking for the fastest internet in your area? The best home internet is within reach. Team up with the largest internet service provider in the country. The right option for you will be based on where you live, and how you love to use the internet.

We’re committed to providing the best internet services in your area, but if we can’t service your home, we’ll help find you a provider who can.

Find the best speeds and prices for you

At EarthLink, we’re all about finding the right connection – the right internet speeds at the right price. Whatever plan fits your life and budget, you can expect consistent, transparent pricing from us. When you pick a plan, we’ll lock in your rate for 12 months, so there’s no change in what you pay.

What's the best internet speed for me?

Get the speed you need and find the internet you’ll love.

100 Mbps

  • Great for up to 5 devices.
  • Faster download speeds for:
    • Streaming your favorite shows
    • Playing online video games
    • Surfing social media
    • Downloading the latest music.

300 Mbps

  • Great for up to 12 devices
  • Faster download speeds to:
    • Stream in HD
    • Download large files
    • Level up to multiplayer gaming
    • Work and learn from home

1,000 Mbps

  • Great for up to 15 devices
  • Experience lightning-fast download speeds to stream in UHD on several devices, and game with the whole household.

5,000 Mbps

Great for unlimited devices. It’s the premium speed for our customers who need to stay plugged in.

Enjoy professional gaming speeds, the fastest downloads available, and get the internet of the future.

Upgrade to Fiber Internet with $0 install, free $100 gift card.***

Switch to EarthLink Fiber Internet and enjoy speeds up to 5 Gigs on a fast, reliable fiber-optic connection with no data caps.

Flip over to fiber, and we’ll install your new internet for free. That’s right, $0 install!

Find Fiber Plans

Even better, earn a free $100 gift card when you join the best internet provider near you.


What's the best internet type for me?

If you're not sure what speeds you need, we can help narrow down the best internet for you based on how you use it day-to-day.

I love to

Game and Stream

Fiber Internet is best for you.

Scroll Social Media

Wireless Home Internet is best for you.

Surf the Web

Wireless Home Internet or Satellite Internet are best for you.

I need to

Work from Home

Fiber Internet is best for you.

Learn Remote

Wireless Home Internet is best for you.

Connect to Friends and Family

Wireless Home Internet or Satellite Internet are best for you.

I live in

A Big City

Fiber Internet is best for you.

The Suburbs

Wireless Home Internet is best for you.

A Rural Area

Wireless Home Internet or Satellite Internet are best for you.

The more you EarthLink, the more you save


Say sayonara to cable and over-priced streaming services, and hello to EarthLink Live TV!

Get high-quality entertainment from 150+ channels and save on your internet bill.

You can save on your cell phone bill and your internet bill when you join EarthLink Mobile.

Purchase a new phone line with EarthLink Internet and you’ll save $10! ****

Get back to business with EarthLink Business Internet

We'd love to do business with you – business internet, that is. Get all the perks of EarthLink Fiber Internet, paired with our excellent customer service, marketing services, and more.

With EarthLink Business Internet, you'll get:

  • Speeds up to 5 Gigs*
  • Unlimited Data
  • Cybersecurity Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Free Business Listings
  • Private email

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Leave lagging, buffering, glitchy internet in the past. EarthLink Internet is the future. See how your current provider fares with our free internet speed test.

EarthLink does broadband internet better.

Whether you're ready to switch to fiber from cable internet, looking for a reliable internet connection in a rural area, wanting to upgrade to high-speed business internet, or you're just ready to upgrade your home internet service, EarthLink is here for you. Make the switch today.

*EarthLink was awarded the No. 1 Customer Satisfaction Award in 2020 and 2021 by highspeedinternet.com.

**Actual speeds may vary depending on the distance, line-quality, phone service provider, and number of devices used concurrently. All speeds not available in all areas.

***While supplies last. Void where prohibited and outside the U.S. Offer available to legal U.S. residents (incl. D.C.) who are 18 and older at time of purchase. To be eligible, you must make a Qualifying Purchase, activate the service and remain active for 3 months. Gift: $100 Prepaid Mastercard©. For complete terms and eligibility requirements visit earthlink.net/tcs. Sponsor: EarthLink LLC.

****Limited-time offer. Discount applied to multiple mobile lines or mobile line(s) bundled with EarthLink internet. Up to 4 mobile lines. Activation required within 30 days of purchase. Capable device required. Actual service speeds may vary. Taxes and fees apply. For more information, see service plan descriptions and/or our terms and conditions available at earthlink.net/tcs.