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Enjoy our fastest internet speed available – up to 5 Gigs – with no data caps, the most reliable connection, and customer service that won’t let you down.

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    With fiber home internet, you'll get:

    • Speeds up to 5 Gigs***

    • Rated No. 1 in customer satisfaction****

    • Locked-in rate for 12 months

    • No data caps, no throttling

    • Wi-Fi that reaches every corner of your home

    • Safer high-speed connection

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    Fiber Internet Plans designed just for you


    5 Gigs

    Our fastest plan for high-speed internet.


    300 Mbps

    Our best plan for new fiber fans.


    100 Mbps

    Our best deal to switch and save.

    Why choose fiber?

    Fiber is the future of the internet. Utilizing state-of-the art technology, internet is delivered from around the world to your home at the speed of light thanks to glass strands, also called fiber optic cables.

    Say goodbye to old, slow cable internet. Experience the fastest upload speeds and download speeds available for better work, streaming, gaming, and video calls. Leave lag times and buffering in the past. Get the future you deserve.

    Surf on a safe, secure connection.

    Unlike other forms of internet, a fiber connection is safer and more secure thanks to the speed, making you less likely to experience a security breach. No more sharing your lines and bandwidth with your neighbors either.

    Less outages, more doing what you love

    Thanks to high-speed fiber internet, you’ll experience less outages than any other internet option. Fiber optic cables rely on light instead of electricity, making them less susceptible to fire or interference from local power lines. Meaning you can get back to life on the internet without interruption.

    More than just a connection

    When we say no teaser rates, we mean it. When your initial 12-month contract ends, your rate doesn’t change. And, with EarthLink, you don’t have to bundle services you don’t need just to get a better price.

    No matter what fiber internet plan is best for you, data cap limits won’t be a part of the deal, which means no more slowdowns, shutoffs, or hefty fees.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Issues with your new smart home gadget? No problem.

    EarthLink EasyTech provides remote technical support for all internet-connected devices. Get personalized assistance and solutions quickly and easily, without making calls or watching YouTube tutorials.

    We can help with any tech issue – from new gadgets to older models. EasyTech makes your tech worries disappear.

    Favorite shows always buffering? Video conferences lagging or dropping?

    It may be time to switch internet service providers. Check your internet speeds with your current provider with our free online internet speed test.

    Whether you’re on home or business internet, we’ll track your current connection and see how it compares to EarthLink Fiber speeds. Don’t settle for an unreliable internet connection.

    * Actual speeds may vary depending on the distance, line-quality, phone service provider, and number of devices used concurrently. All speeds not available in all areas.

    ** EarthLink was awarded the No. 1 Customer Satisfaction Award in 2020 and 2021 by, in addition to being compared to the publicly measured providers in the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey of customers rating the reliability of speed and service consistency of their own internet service provider.

    1 While supplies last. Void where prohibited and outside the U.S. Offer available to legal U.S. residents (incl. D.C.) who are 18 and older at time of purchase. To be eligible, you must make a Qualifying Purchase, activate the service and remain active for 3 months. Gift: $100 Prepaid Mastercard©. For complete terms and eligibility requirements visit Sponsor: EarthLink LLC.