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What's the difference between fiber and cable internet?

Ever wondered what’s the big deal about fiber internet? Isn’t it the same as cable? Well, the main differences lie in speed, performance, and how they transmit data.

Cable internet uses copper cable lines initially designed for TV service, while fiber uses thin strands of glass or plastic to send data as pulses of light. In essence, fiber internet is faster, more reliable, and capable of carrying data over longer distances compared to cable internet.

The rest of this page will go into more detail about these differences and why they matter. But, in a nutshell: if you’re seeking the best speed, reliability, and overall performance, fiber is the way to go.

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Cable vs. fiber internet

Finding the right internet for you might feel like a daunting task especially when it comes to comparing internet types. Fear not – when it comes to the cable internet vs. fiber internet debate, we’re experts. Spoiler alert: Fiber is the clear winner.

Let’s break down the core differences between fiber and cable internet. Cable internet relies on copper coaxial cables, while fiber internet uses cutting-edge fiber-optic cables made of glass strands. Fiber provides faster, more reliable connections – perfect for today’s digital world.

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