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Trying choose a high-speed internet plan? One of the first steps is to find out how much data you use every month. Most internet service providers data caps, a limitation of how much you can do online — even though most of us are using the internet for school, work, and connecting with our community.

Even though EarthLink has no fiber internet data caps, knowing how much you’re using will help you decide if the service you have now is the right one – and what speed you really need.

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Get the Right Internet Connection with EarthLink

EarthLink has a wide variety of speeds and connection types to fit any lifestyle. With transparent pricing and nearly 96% coverage across the U.S., there’s a plan for everyone.

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We know your internet connection is an essential part of your life. It’s why EarthLink provides a no credit check, no fiber internet data cap guarantee, making it easier to stay connected than ever. It’s internet the way it was meant to be.