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Understanding Internet Data Caps: What You Need to Know

When it comes to modern day work, school, and play, our reliance on the internet is clear. If you use the internet daily, you’ll realize it’s more than just browsing and emailing. It has evolved significantly in the past twenty years. With cloud computing, online gaming, and streaming services, more data is being consumed and

How to break up with your ISP and switch internet providers

Table of Contents Signs it’s time to break up with your internet provider How to break up with your internet provider How to find a new provider Why consider EarthLink Conclusion Introduction When it comes to relationships, not every match is meant to last forever. The same can be said about your relationship with your

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Cybersecurity Trends: How to protect yourself online

Cybersecurity Trends: How to Protect Yourself Online

Table of Contents Introduction Section 1: Cybersecurity trends for the next decade Section 2: How to step up your cyber defenses with personal best practices Section 3: EarthLink’s security solutions Conclusion Introduction In our connected world, staying informed about cybersecurity trends is more crucial than ever. With the rise of cyber attacks over the last

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Outline of a TV with an antenna

How to Watch Local TV Channels Without Cable

Want to watch local TV channels but don’t want to shell out for cable? We’ve rounded up the top ways you can stream your local and major networks cable-free. With the rise of streaming services like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, many Americans are cutting cable out of their lives altogether. In fact, according to the

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