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How to Connect to Safe WiFi During My Move

Date Published:  May 13th, 2020Date Updated:  March 23, 2022

Updated 3/23/22

Ensuring a secure wireless internet connection is always tricky, but throw it into the mix while moving into a new house and it can become a massive headache!

Just because you are starting a new chapter in life doesn’t mean the world stops moving—you need to stay connected throughout your move even before a secure internet connection is established.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is risky, here are some ways to help keep you secure.

Encryption is Key

Public WiFi can be a helpful and productive asset to have. Whether you’re between moves and haven’t set up your home internet, or you’re on the go and need a spot to work, public WiFi hotspots can be a great option. It’s important, however, to make sure you are using safe, secure WiFi at all times.

An easy way to make sure that you are secure online is only using and trusting websites that are fully encrypted. It’s one of the best ways to stay safe while using public WiFi, according to the FTC. But it’s also something you should double-check any time you’re entering personal information (like your credit card number) on a website at home, too. (Psst — not sure if you’re on a secure network? Choose a cyber safety package with a VPN and you’ll automatically have the benefits of a private network.)

Cybercriminals target frequently visited sites that contain your personal information. Social media sites like Facebook and banking sites like PayPal are some of the most target destinations. Whenever you visit these sites, always make sure to check the web address for “HTTPS” to know your internet is safe.

Services like HTTPS Everywhere are simple browser extensions that help keep you, your information, and your internet connection secure.

Keep mobile security up-to-date

Mobile devices are not always seen as a risk to security, but they can create some of the largest opportunities for cybercrime if not protected correctly.

When using a public connection on mobile, be sure you’re using safe Wi-Fi by installing a mobile security app or using a mobile security service.

Like your personal computer, your mobile device holds personal information from nearly every site or page you visit. Using a mobile security program helps eliminate the threat of your information being stolen while ensuring a secure internet connection.

It’s important to remember to keep your mobile device just as secure as you would your computer. Mobile devices have become part of our everyday life, don’t leave your personal information at risk by using an insecure network.

Use a VPN

The most effective tool you have in protecting your information and ensuring a secure and safe WiFi connection is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs work by encrypting the data traveling to and from your computer, phone, tablet, or any internet-enabled device. A VPN will connect you to a private server—anywhere in the world in fact—making it nearly impossible to track and find your personal information!

While overall the most effective tool, not all VPNs are reliable sources of stable, secure internet connections. Be sure to do your research and find which service you feel most comfortable with!

The most reliable VPNs often come with a small subscription or one-time download fee, but the cost is certainly worth it when considering the alternatives.

Overall, before you get the chance to set up a private, secure home internet connection, public WiFi connections can serve as solid alternative options. Just be sure to do your homework and make sure you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable to cybercriminals