Moving Soon?

EarthLink makes it easy!

Packing everything up everything you own into boxes can be stressful. But moving your internet service shouldn’t be. We know you have a lot going on, so let’s make this easy.

With EarthLink, finding internet for your new address is simple.

Illustration of moving boxes.

Step 1:

Enter Your Address

Find out if EarthLink is available in your new neighborhood (or give us a call at 844-921-8141).

Check Your New Address for Service

    Step 2:

    We’ll get you the right connection

    Then, let us know how to get back in touch with you to share details about plan options and installation.

    Once your installation is complete, that’s it! Your internet service will be up and running.

    Easy, right?

    But if you have any issues, our Moving Experts can help. (Ok, maybe not with all those boxes, but we can make sure your internet service gets set up without a hitch.)

    How to Move Your Internet Service

    Ready to make your move? For the smoothest transition, try to let us know at least two weeks before you need to get internet service at your new address — that way, our Moving Experts can get everything set up for you. Then, we’ll keep in touch with you via text with the phone number on your account.

    EarthLink can help you determine what to do with your current equipment. When our technician arrives to set up your transferred service, they’ll make sure you have the best equipment for your EarthLink internet. Or, if you’re setting up EarthLink for the first time: our tech will bring the right devices to work with your new internet service.

    You will need to be home for the professional installation.

    Transferring your service won’t cost you extra money and, depending on where you move, you might even be able to get faster internet speeds. You can also easily add any of our security packages when you choose your plan. For identity theft protection and dark web monitoring, we recommend Protect+, powered by Norton. For keeping your kids safer online, we recommend Guardian, powered by Bark.

    Not sure what makes sense for your household? Our Move Experts can tell you more and help you decide. And if your needs change over time, you can always add or remove a security feature.

    Call 844-921-8141to schedule your move.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have more questions? We’ve got answers.

    Should I cancel my service before I moves?

    No. If you’re already an EarthLink customer, we make it easy to transfer your service to your new address.

    How do I transfer my service to my new residence?

    It only takes a few minutes to let us know you’re moving. We can help in two ways: check the available
    service for your new address above or call us at


    How long does it take to transfer my service?

    For the smoothest transition, let us know you’re moving at least two weeks before you need service at your new address. It takes a little time, so the sooner you can let us know, the better. We ask for at least two weeks to avoid any downtime. We’ll keep you posted on progress via text on the phone number updated on your account.

    Does moving or transferring my internet service cost anything?

    Similar to the original installation, we’ll send a professional technician to get you all set up — but we won’t charge you. Plus, any early termination fees at the old address will be waived when service is established at the new address. Your contract will restart with the new installation date.

    If I'm transferring my service, should I take my equipment with me?

    Take your modem, power cord, and cables. When the technician arrives to set up your transferred service, they’ll take back what isn’t needed. Don’t be surprised if the technician provides new and better equipment.

    Can I upgrade my speed at my new address?

    You can upgrade at any time! We would have to check
    serviceability first to see what higher speeds are
    supported at your new address. Checking your options
    is easy, and you can check available plans in your
    area in two ways: enter your new address in the form
    above to check for serviceability or call us at

    What if I need to reschedule my relocation date?

    Not a problem! You can respond to the relocation
    confirmation text you receive from us or call as soon as you are aware that you need to make a change. The number is 844-921-8141 and select the “relocation” option if prompted. Please note: an adult (18 years or older) must be present at the new address at the time of installation.

    What if my new address isn’t serviceable with EarthLink?

    We continue to widen our national internet service footprint, so these instances should be minimal. However, if we can’t make this happen (we’ll miss you!), we will let you know right away so you can plan accordingly. Please note: any early termination fees will apply if the move occurs while the service is under contract.

    I’m moving, but my roommate isn’t. They want to keep the service. What should I do?

    Not a problem. We’ll need to talk to both of you together to transfer ownership of the service. Details we’ll need to collect: name, email, phone, method of payment, and all security questions (which we will verify separately) to transition the account. Also remember: EarthLink email addresses can also be transferred.

    What will happen to my EarthLink email address or other services I have on my account?

    We will make arrangements to move your email address
    and any other service you have subscribed to.

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