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When it comes to choosing the right home internet service, we know any old connection won't cut it. You deserve the best, which means reliable, high-speed internet that fits your budget, surfing habits and data needs just right.

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Get internet at home, wherever that is.

Whether you live in a tiny house, a treehouse, a high-rise apartment, a historic home, or just a unique space – you need internet. EarthLink can ensure that you have access to the best internet available, no matter where you call home.

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    Where you live may determine what internet options we can offer, but you’re in luck; EarthLink can service more than 96% of homes in the continental United States (that’s 48 states!).

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    EarthLink Home Internet Packages

    Find the best home internet option for you.

    I live in or near...

    A large city

    Fiber Internet may be best for you! You’ll get:

    Speeds up to 5 Gigs*

    Unlimited data

    No throttling

    No. 1 Customer Service**

    No change in what you pay for 12 months

    A medium-sized community or suburbs with nearby cell towers

    Wireless Home Internet may be best for you! You’ll get:

    Automatic connection to the fastest speeds available on your local 5G and 4G LTE networks

    Choose a data plan that fits your needs

    Strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home

    No. 1 Customer Service**

    No change in what you pay for 12 months

    A small town or rural area

    Satellite Internet may be best for you! You’ll get:

    Reliable speeds and steady connection

    Strong internet in hard-to-reach places

    Upgrade from slow, DSL internet

    No. 1 Customer Service**

    No change in what you pay for 12 months

    Ditch cable internet, upgrade to EarthLink Fiber

    Fiber is the future of the internet – which means faster speeds (up to 5 Gigs!) with no data caps and maximum reliability.

    Thanks to tiny glass strands, you can receive your data at the speed of light — literally. That means faster streaming, gaming, working, and scrolling social media (even all at once).

    Get Fiber Internet
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    Pay for what you need with EarthLink Wireless Home Internet

    Level up to faster speeds with Wireless Home Internet and say goodbye to spotty cell phone hotspots and WiFi.

    Using cutting edge technology, EarthLink Wireless Home Internet connects to nearby cell towers on 4G LTE and 5G networks, giving you the fastest speeds available in your area instantly. Enjoy wide availability, easy installation and reliable connection.

    Get Wireless Home Internet
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    Connect in hard-to-reach places with EarthLink Satellite Internet

    If you live in a small town or rural area, you need dependable internet home service. EarthLink Satellite Internet offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps, so you can stream, play video games, and run up to five smart devices at a time.

    EarthLink Satellite Internet is the perfect choice for homes that don’t have access to cable or fiber internet. It’s more widely available than DSL internet and uses a dish that’s installed on (or near) your home to send and receive information from a satellite in space.

    Get Satellite Internet
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    Save with our exclusive deals when you join EarthLink

    Tune in to more than 150+ channels of live TV, sports, entertainment and popular shows with EarthLink Live TV. Cut your cable bill in half when you bundle with EarthLink Fiber.****

    Our internet customers can’t get enough

    EarthLink is absolutely amazing! Anytime I have any sort of issue (which is rare) the issue is immediately addressed and solved! I would recommend EarthLink to anyone!

    Dawn – Google Reviews

    I’m very happy and have been for 22 years of using Earthlink. When you need help, that’s when Earthlink really shines. Recently I needed help and Brian took my call. He guided through a new way for me to solve my issue. He stayed with me until I fully understood what to do and tested it a few times.

    You’ll not find a more knowledgeable and caring customer service group.

    Jerome – Yelp

    I am very happy with my EarthLink internet. AT&T was going to raise my prices because I had been with them for a year so I switched my highspeed internet to EarthLink. It was installed in February and I have been happy with it since.

    I did have an issue with one smart TV furthest from my modem freezing up. I called up customer service, they ran some tests, then sent me a WIFI extender that resolved my issues and my internet is working better than when I was with AT&T. Service I NEVER received from AT&T. Thank you EarthLink for the great service!

    Barry – Google Reviews

    My experience with Earthlink has been great. Friendly and efficient service coupled with professionalism and knowledge. Last year I converted from DSL to Fiber – AWESOME experience!!

    David – Google Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Video calls lagging or dropping? Tired of slow speeds and throttling?

    Sounds like it’s time to switch up internet service providers. When it comes to finding the right internet connection, it’s imperative you get the right speed, data and price that fits your needs.

    Put your internet speeds to the test and see how your current provider matches up with our free online internet speed test.

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    *Actual speeds may vary depending on the distance, line-quality, phone service provider, and number of devices used concurrently. All speeds not available in all areas.

    **EarthLink was awarded the No. 1 Customer Satisfaction Award in 2020 and 2021 by, in addition to being compared to the publicly measured providers in the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey of customers rating the reliability of speed and service consistency of their own internet service provider.

    ***While supplies last. Void where prohibited and outside the U.S. Offer available to legal U.S. residents (incl. D.C.) who are 18 and older at time of purchase. To be eligible, you must make a Qualifying Purchase, activate the service and remain active for 3 months. Gift: $100 Prepaid Mastercard©. For complete terms and eligibility requirements visit Sponsor: EarthLink LLC.

    ****EarthLink Live TV is currently only available to new EarthLink customers who bundle with EarthLink Fiber Internet. The streaming service is not available to EarthLink Wireless Home Internet customers or existing EarthLink Fiber customers at this time.