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In today’s digital age, we all rely on our devices to store important information, such as photos, work documents, term papers, receipts, and other personal files. However, it’s easy to forget about backing up these files until it’s too late, and your device fails. That’s why EarthLink offers an online backup service that makes it easy to automate your backup process and keep your files safer.

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You can test out our online data backup services risk-free with our 30-day free trial. Continue using it for as little as $5.95 per month if you like it. But, to stop further fees from being applied, simply cancel by phone, US mail, or fax prior to the start of the subsequent monthly term.

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EarthLink Data Backup offers a reliable and affordable online backup service that suits your needs and budget. We understand that everyone’s backup needs are different, so we offer three online backup plans that you can choose from, starting at $5.95 per month. Our plans include:

50 GB


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250 GB


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If you need more space, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan. Plus, we offer a 30-day free trial, which allows you to try our service for free and see how it works for you.

What is online backup, and why do you need it?

Online backup, also known as cloud backup, is a process of backing up your digital files and data to an offsite server over the internet. This means that you can access your files from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Unlike traditional backup methods, such as external hard drives or USBs, online backup ensures redundancy and encryption, making your files virtually impossible to lose and barring unauthorized access. Data protection is essential nowadays.

Online file backups are crucial because they add an extra degree of security against data loss caused by unforeseen events like device failure, theft, natural disasters, or other calamities such as house fires. A physical backup drive at your home is susceptible to these disasters. An online backup of files is a practical and affordable alternative because it enables you to quickly restore and share your data with loved ones, acquaintances, or coworkers.

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We've got your backup benefits

When you sign up for EarthLink Data Backup, you gain access to a variety of benefits that make online file backup as simple as 1-2-3.

Automatic backup: Our service allows you to backup your files automatically to prevent data loss, so you don’t have to remember to do it manually.

Multi-device support: Backup data online and sync multiple devices to your personal storage, allowing you to access your files from any device.

Online file viewing: You can conveniently view your files online, eliminating the need to download them to your device.

File sharing: Sharing copies or your data and files with family, friends, or colleagues is simple, making collaboration a breeze.

Security: We use encryption to keep your sensitive information safe and prevent hackers from accessing them. With remote backup, there’s no need to worry about a data breach.

Mobile apps: We provide iOS and Android mobile apps that allow you to access your backed-up data from your smartphone or tablet. Backup documents online no matter where you are!

Try it for free: Test out EarthLink Data Backup risk-free for 30 days and see how easy it is to keep your files safer.

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With dark web protection, VPNs, and other data security features, EarthLink’s Cyber Safety Packages, powered by Norton LifeLock, will keep you safe.

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Don’t put off backing up your files until it’s too late. Sign up for EarthLink Data Backup today and start reaping the benefits of knowing your files and sensitive data are safe and secure. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial.