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How to Find the Home Internet Plan You Need for This School Year

Summary: It’s officially back-to-school season, and we can practically smell the Number 2 pencils… er, styluses. We ran the numbers on just how important internet access is for students and how to find the right high-speed internet plan for your household, no matter what grade they’re starting. Somehow August is about to slip away, just

What's the Best Way to Stream to Your TV?

What’s the Best Way to Stream to Your TV?

Summary: If you’re moving into the streaming world and replacing your cable cord, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here’s how to find out what internet speed you really need, how to keep an eye on your data usage, the easiest ways to stream to your TV, and why choosing to watch on your cell phone

Understanding Latency and Bandwidth: How to Get Low Latency

Table of Contents What is Bandwidth in Networking? What is Latency in Networking? How do Bandwidth and Latency Affect Your Online Experience? How to Improve Latency Frequently Asked Questions Conclusion There are a variety of reasons you could be asking, “Why is my internet slow?” Oftentimes bandwidth or latency problems could be the culprit. These

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Find Out How to Hack Planned Obsolescence and Save Money

Summary: Planned obsolescence can be tricky for consumers because it can mean more device upgrades — and more money spent. But there are plenty of simple ways to get around this and make your smart devices last even longer. Find out how. If you’ve ever hung onto your smartphone for long enough that it no

How Does Internet Cache Work and Do You Need to Clear It?

Summary: If you’ve checked out your browser settings, you’ve probably seen an option that said cache (pronounced “cash”) — it’s another way of storing your information online. Find out how it makes your digital life easier, and why you should consider clearing it.   When discussing internet and browser settings, cookies and cache usually go

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Is Satellite Internet a Good Option for You?

Summary: Satellite internet is available virtually everywhere in the country, but it’s still got a bad reputation. Did you know that satellite internet offers speeds up to 100 Mbps? Or that it takes less than one second for your data to make it to outer space and back? Learn what else satellite has to offer.