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Illustration of a child getting onto a school bus

How to Find the Home Internet Plan You Need for This School Year

Summary: It’s officially back-to-school season, and we can practically smell the Number 2 pencils… er, styluses. We ran the numbers on just how important internet access is for students and how to find the right high-speed internet plan for your household, no matter what grade they’re starting. Somehow August is about to slip away, just

What's the Best Way to Stream to Your TV?

What’s the Best Way to Stream to Your TV?

Summary: If you’re moving into the streaming world and replacing your cable cord, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here’s how to find out what internet speed you really need, how to keep an eye on your data usage, the easiest ways to stream to your TV, and why choosing to watch on your cell phone

A speed limit sign with a WiFi symbol

Bandwidth vs. Latency: What’s the Difference?

Summary: Latency and bandwidth are two components of internet speed, but high latency and low bandwidth can lead to a lot of frustrated moments spent resetting your internet. We’ll discuss the differences between the two, what pairing is best, and how to get it. There are a variety of reasons you could be asking, “Why

Outline of a cell phone with a security lock next to it

Our 7 Best Security Tips for Your Cell Phone

Summary: Our cell phones have become a literal lifeline for just about everything we do. From banking to healthcare to work to loved ones, most of us carry our whole life around in our pocket — so making sure you’re staying as secure as possible is more important than ever. We’ve got the best security