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Outline of the U.S. with a WiFi symbol in the middle

Which States Have the Best Internet Speed?

Summary: Here are the top states for high-speed internet and how to get faster internet wherever you are. Plus, the five states with the slowest speeds. We’ve talked a lot about how to choose the right internet plan for you and how fast 100 Mbps really is. But what if we zoom out and look

Outline of a wrench and screwdriver on a green background

How is Fiber-Optic Internet Installed?

Summary: Fiber internet is on a lot of our minds — from how much it costs to install to finding out if it’s available near you, there’s a lot to unpack. We’ve got the answers to all your questions below. Or you can discover what’s available by calling 866-383-3080. Picture this: you’ve successfully chosen a

Laptop with a recycling symbol on the screen to symbolize e-waste

Infographic: What Happens When Electronic Waste is Thrown Away?

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is the trash created by discarded electronic devices, or a lot of the things related to creating or keeping those devices up and running. So yes, it’s your phone, but think about your headphones, charger, and other accessories too. We all love our devices, but e-waste is the fastest

Car gear shift with "100" next to it to symbolize how fast 100 Mbps is

Is 100 Mbps Fast Enough for Your Needs?

Summary: It’s one of the most popular internet plans… but how fast is 100 Mbps? We’ll cover how to know if it’s fast enough for you and whether 100 Mbps is fast enough for gaming and streaming. Plus, find out what type of internet connection you need for your life. Trying to find the perfect

An outline of a snail with a WiFi symbol coming off its back.

How to Tell if Your Internet is Being Throttled

Summary: If you’re experiencing slower internet, your connection could be throttled. Known by many names (internet throttling, bandwidth throttling, speed throttling, and data throttling to name a few), some internet providers use it to limit what you can do online. We’ve got all the information on how to tell if your internet is being throttled,