All About Internet Data Caps

Internet data caps are a limit on how much you can do online each month. Opt for a provider that doesn’t have them and enjoy unlimited internet.

Fiber Internet with No Data Caps

Fiber internet was made streaming movies in 4K, gaming, competitive e-sports, videoconferencing, and more — everything that takes a lot of data and speed to be great. So, the better your picture needs to be, the faster you want to stream, or the more online classes you take, the more fiber internet with no data caps is a must.

Did you know that, according to CNET, the average American household consumes roughly 400 GB of data each month?

With graphics improving and more of our lives moving online, our connections require more data than ever. That’s why our wired internet never has data caps or speed throttling. Other providers allow you to track usage in the app… but that’s just something else to worry about. We won’t limit your fiber internet access — so go ahead and hit “Next Episode” and “Play Game” as much as you want with EarthLink Fiber.

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Why Do Internet Providers Have Data Limits?

We’re not fans, but we understand why it happens. Some providers use data caps to reduce online congestion. This is especially common with cable internet (compared to fiber internet) because of cable’s shared lines. Think of it as everyone using the same on-ramp to the web, and those clogs mean slower internet speeds and the risk of buffering or lags at crucial moments.

Depending on your plan and provider, if you use more data than your monthly limit, you can be charged hefty fees or have your speeds throttled. Slower speeds mean less streaming and more frustration.

Fiber is the future of the internet — why put a limit on it?

Estimates of Data Usage

Below are a few estimates for how much data you might be using based on activity:

ActivityData Usage
1 email (no attachments)20 KB
1 email (standard attachments)300 KB
1 minute surfing the web250 KB
1 song download4 MB
1 photo uploaded to social media5 MB
1 minute streaming SD video11.7 MB
1 minute streaming HD video41.7 MB
1 minute streaming 4K video97.5 MB
1 minute of online gaming200 KB

1 MB = 1,000 KB • 1 GB = 1,000 MB • 1 TB = 1,000 GB

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