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Enjoy lightning speed fiber internet paired with up to 150 channels of premium sports, news, and live entertainment.

  • 150+ channels

  • Stream live sports, news, and entertainment

  • 3 streams at once on different devices

  • Access your account from any device

  • 20-hour DVR

  • Cancel your streaming anytime

  • No credit checks

  • On-the-go live TV app

  • No data caps

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    • More college football than any other streaming service
    • Cineverse
    • Shock and Awe with Bill O'Reilly
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    With EarthLink Live TV, there’s always a show to stream.


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    If you’re ready to cut the cord, but aren’t sure which streaming platform to choose, we’ve got you. From Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, HBO Max, Netflix and Disney Plus, there’s several options. Answer a few questions and we’ll recommend personalized streaming services with your favorite shows.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Is EarthLink Live TV the best live TV streaming service?

    With EarthLink Live TV, not only will you get the best streaming service for live TV, you’re also getting faster internet with EarthLink Fiber. You’ll get up to 150 channels to stream, including live tv, most college sports, popular channels and DVR capabilities. Not to mention that with our fiber internet service, you can enjoy high-speed internet up to 5 Gigs with no data caps. That means stream to your heart's content! Unlike other live TV streaming services, we’re giving you top-tier internet to make sure your stream is lag-free and clear without buffering.

    How do I start live streaming TV?

    First, you’ll need EarthLink Fiber Internet. If you’re already signed up, adding EarthLink Live TV takes just a few minutes before you’ll be streaming in no time. If you’re a new EarthLink customer, you can get EarthLink Live TV when you bundle your streaming plan with EarthLink Internet.Once you’re set up with EarthLink Live TV, simply download the Vidgo app on your smartphone or login on your computer, smart TV, Roku or any other smart device. You can start streaming from three different devices right away.

    Can I get EarthLink Live TV with EarthLink Wireless Home Internet or Satellite? What if I’m not an EarthLink customer?

    Unfortunately, we are only offering EarthLink Live TV to our EarthLink Fiber customers. At this time, our streaming service is not available for customers with Wireless Home Internet or Satellite. If you’re not an EarthLink customer, we’d be happy to change that and get your bundle ready today!

    Can I watch live football TV streaming in HD on EarthLink Live TV?

    Our channels are available in ultra-HD quality, giving you the best streaming experience during the game.