EarthLink Internet Speed Test

Curious about home internet speeds? Put yours to the test.

Use our free online internet speed test to track your current home residential Internet connection. Try it now to track your current Internet connection and see how it compares to HyperLink speeds.

The right speeds can be the difference between a night of flawless streaming and night of buffering headaches! Make sure your internet speed it up to the task.

For best results, connect your laptop or computer directly to your home’s router instead of using WiFi. When testing via WiFi, the results can be lower than the actual internet ‘connection’ to your home.

For help with designing and getting the most out of your whole home WiFi service, see this video

Speed Test by Measurement Lab

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Why your home internet speed matters

Your internet speed refers to how much data and information can be transferred over the web on a single connection at any given time. Reliable, fast speeds are important to make sure you stay connected to your favorite online activities. Don’t let slow internet stop you from watching your favorite shows. Get high speed internet today!

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Only pay for the speed you need

Don’t pay for more than what you need. Some competitors bundle offers to sell you more than you really need. Don’t settle for slow, unreliable internet. Find the speed your need to stay connected to what matters most.

Not all plans are created equal, so let EarthLink help you find the right internet plan at the right price.

25+ Mbps

The right plan for 1-2 devices. Fit for the occasional streaming & gaming, photo sharing, and downloading music.

100+ Mbps

Suitable for up to 5 individual devices, streaming the latest shows, playing online, and sharing photos and music.

500+ Mbps

Fit for up to 12 devices, remote working or from home (WFH), rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, and more.

1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

Created for unlimited devices, rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, music and photo sharing, and connected house experiences.

Looking for more?

EarthLink Guardian

EarthLink Guardian features Bark, the award-winning online security monitoring parents and schools around the country trust most. We understand how important it is to keep your kids and teens protected online. Keep your family and personal information safe with a secure and reliable internet service.

Make sure you're secure

EarthLink Protect

EarthLink Protect, powered by NortonLifeLock™, helps detect threats to your devices, online privacy and personal information on the dark web as you surf, bank, socialize, and shop online. Never feel vulnerable online again, EarthLink Protect offers top-rated security in the palm of your hand. Don’t settle for cheap, nonsecure internet. Trust the name you know.

Protect what matters most

EarthLink Online Backup

EarthLink Online Backup automatically backs up your files to helps prevent loss, while easily restoring and sharing data where you see fit. Never worry about losing personal documents or family memories again. EarthLink Online Backup gives you peace of mind for your digital storage needs.

Ultimate backup for your data

EarthLink Digital Marketing

EarthLink Digital Marketing provides comprehensive business solutions for small businesses looking to succeed in online marketing and digital commerce. EarthLink makes internet marketing simple and effective. From website redesign to logo creation, we can help you thrive online. Ready to take the next step to expand your business?

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