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EarthLink Expands Product Offering with EarthLink Mobile Launch

EarthLink Staff By EarthLink Staff October 5, 2021

New budget-friendly mobile service built on a customer-first approach


EarthLink, an award-winning internet service provider, today announced the launch of EarthLink Mobile as part of the company’s innovative service offerings. Starting today, consumers can get the best nationwide 5G and 4G LTE wireless coverage through EarthLink Mobile with flexible data plans as low as $17.95 per month — all without contracts.

Family sitting on an orange sofa looking at a cell phone with EarthLink Mobile service

“EarthLink Mobile is a natural extension of what is already offered to our customers: connection,” said Glenn Goad, EarthLink’s CEO. “This underscores our commitment to offering options and affordability – and great coverage. With the internet at the center of how we use our phones now, EarthLink Mobile is an exciting addition.”

EarthLink Mobile offers several plan options from basic Talk & Text up to unlimited* data to meet consumers’ needs. Mobile customers can switch plans whenever they want, without penalty. Service is available nationwide to customers in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, and includes free international calling to more than 30 countries in most plans.

EarthLink was honored with HighSpeedInternet.com’s Customer Satisfaction award for 2020 and 2021. As part of continuing their outstanding customer experience, EarthLink internet customers will be able to add EarthLink Mobile service and get one hassle-free bill. Customers can also easily switch to EarthLink Mobile and choose to keep their current phone number and phone or select a new phone — including the latest devices.

A technology leader since 1994, EarthLink’s expansion to 4G LTE and 5G mobile service ensures that it will continue to provide customers with the right technology for their needs while maintaining the vision of accessible and affordable mobile service and internet for everyone.

Visit earthlink.net/mobile or call 866-314-0204 to find out more. Please note that pricing is subject to change.

About EarthLink:
EarthLink is a top U.S. internet service provider offering access to fast, secure, and reliable internet to more homes and small businesses than any other ISP. EarthLink Mobile is offered through a partnership with Ultra Mobile, which provides the underlying mobile network services. As an internet pioneer founded in 1994, EarthLink continues to lead the way by offering customers the right connection — the right speed at the right price. An independent company, EarthLink was certified as a Great Place to Work in 2020 and 2021. To learn more, visit earthlink.net.



*Restrictions on data amount and/or speed may apply. During peak hours and times of network congestion, unlimited customers consuming more than 25GB of data may experience reduced and/or deprioritized data speeds for the remainder of their monthly service cycle. For more information see service plan descriptions and/or our terms and conditions available at www.earthlink.net/tcs/mobile.