EarthLink Has the Happiest Internet Customers, According to


ISP Beats All Other U.S. Providers Based on Thousands of Independent Customer Surveys

For the second straight year, EarthLink, a leading internet service provider, takes the top spot in’s rankings for overall customer satisfaction, earning first place in all four major categories: price, speed, reliability, and customer service.

“Since the beginning, we’ve cultivated an environment where taking care of our customers is a top priority. I’m proud that these efforts have not gone unnoticed by our customers,” said Glenn Goad, CEO of EarthLink. “We have been, and will continue to be, committed to providing fast, reliable internet service and are excited to bring even more high-speed coverage options to consumers in the months to come.”

“We’re passionate about the experience our customers have and ensuring you get the right connection — the right price, the right product to fit your needs. We put our customers at the center of everything we do,” said Brigitte Wright-Roy, Senior Vice President of EarthLink’s Customer Operations. “We take pride in providing exceptional service to our customers.” gathers all the information consumers need when it comes to the internet — all in one place. In early 2021, they independently asked ISP customers to give satisfaction ratings on a five-point scale in each category. EarthLink came out on top with a score of 4.2/5.0 for overall customer satisfaction. Significantly beating the overall average of 24%, 40% of EarthLink customers say they are 100% satisfied with EarthLink’s customer service.

“So why does EarthLink get such consistently positive reviews? Besides offering straightforward pricing and unlimited data, EarthLink provides great customer service,” explain’s leading editors.