Is EarthLink Still in Business?


Today, EarthLink is a top U.S. mobile and internet service provider delivering wired, wireless, and mobile access to more homes and small businesses than any other ISP. EarthLink delivers the right technology at the right price to create the right connection for customers.

As an internet pioneer founded in 1994, EarthLink continues to lead the way by offering customers the right connection through an outstanding online experience not saddled by data caps, throttling, or unnecessary bundles.

It's the Internet the Way It Was Meant to Be

EarthLink knows the internet. It’s what we were founded on more than 25 years ago. With EarthLink Internet, you can enjoy reliable high speeds and best-in-class customer service – without the frustration of data caps or teaser rates.

You Deserve the Right Connection

Today, we use the internet for everything: work, fun, school, keeping in touch with our families. And that means the best home internet is fast, reliable, and keeps you connected. EarthLink offers internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps without any data caps or teaser rates. You’ll never have to worry about charges for going over an arbitrary data limit, and we won’t throttle your service. Sounds good, right?

There’s more. EarthLink values your privacy and security above everything else, so we’ve partnered with NortonLifeLock and Bark to offer security and safety solutions to meet the demands of the modern internet for your home and family.

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EarthLink Is Much More Than Just an Internet Company

We know how important finding the right connection is. That’s why we also offer mobile service. With 5 plans to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Plus, no EarthLink Mobile plans have contracts or credit checks.

Starting at $17.95 / month

We also offer a wide array of solutions tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses including search directory listings, website development, branding, and security. We’ll help you build your brand and tell the world, so you can get back to what you do best: running your business.

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Get Even More than High-Speed Internet From EarthLink


EarthLink Guardian

EarthLink Guardian is powered by Bark, the most trusted online parental monitoring service for families and schools. We understand how important it is to keep your kids and teens protected online. Keep your family safer from predators, bullies, and scams with EarthLink Guardian.


EarthLink EasyTech

With EasyTech from EarthLink, remote technical advice and support for your household is just a few clicks away — all for one low monthly price.


EarthLink Protect

Never feel vulnerable online again. EarthLink Protect, powered by NortonLifeLock, helps detect threats to your devices, online privacy, and personal information from the dark web. EarthLink Protect offers top-rated security in the palm of your hand. Trust the name you know.


EarthLink Online Backup

Never worry about losing personal documents or family memories again. EarthLink Online Backup automatically saves your files so you can still access all of your information when you need it. EarthLink Online Backup gives you peace of mind for your digital storage needs.

Sign up for EarthLink Internet, and get a fast, reliable fiber-optic connection with no data caps from an internet provider you can trust.

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