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EarthLink Staff By EarthLink Staff March 7, 2018

Spam email continues to be one of the great banes of the internet age.  Billions of dollars are spent every year to fight it. But there are many things you can do to join the fight.

Create a Strong Password

Having a strong password will prevent spammers from gaining access to your account and using it to message others. Not responding to spam will prevent spammers from confirming your address is a legitimate email that can be spammed later. You can also take advantage of the security tools EarthLink offers to combat spam.

EarthLink spamBlocker

Utilize EarthLink’s spamBlocker to identify and block spam before it gets in your Inbox. EarthLink spamBlocker provides two different levels of spam prevention.  Known spam blocking uses various methods to identify and block common types of spam. Messages flagged as spam are moved to a self-cleaning “Known Spam” folder in WebMail. By default, “Known Spam” is deleted immediately, but you can change the settings if you would like the opportunity to review these messages before they are deleted.

Suspect Emails

EarthLink’s spamBlocker also offers a Suspect Email option that offers a much stronger way to manage spam. The Suspect Email option compares all inbound mail to the addresses in your WebMail Address Book.  If the sender is not in your Address Book, the message will be moved to the “Suspect Email” folder in WebMail. While a very strong option, Suspect Email requires you to closely monitor and review email in the “Suspect Email” folder.  When a new message comes in from someone you want to be able to email you in the future, you will need to add that sender to your Address Book.  Suspect Email makes it easy to move an email to your inbox and add the sender to your Address Book.

Anonymous Email

A third unique option offered by EarthLink is our Anonymous Email product. Anonymous Email gives you up to 10 temporary use email addresses that you can use to sign up for websites where you are concerned you may get spammed later. These addresses are listed in WebMail as individual inboxes and can be deleted and replaced if they start getting spammed. You can add Anonymous Email addresses in your WebMail Preferences section.

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