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Prioritizing Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Workplace

Summary: As workplaces navigate varied schedules — from fully remote to hybrid to back in the office — cybersecurity should be on the top of everyone’s mind. For employees, that means using the same protective measures you take in your personal life. For employers, it means providing those programs and tips. Not sure where to

7 Ways to Improve

7 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Summary: Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or you’re just starting out, we’re here to help take your small business to the next level. From defining your audience to investing in your website, here are some of our favorite small business marketing strategies. You’ve decided to take the plunge and launch your own business — or


Every Small Business Should Be Doing Video Marketing

Nothing engages like video. Video is a powerful platform to promote your business, your services or simply to get your message out telling prospects why you stand out from your competition. Get the scoop on how video marketing can work for your business in our infographic below. Video helps boost your marketing in a number


Which Wireless Security Type is Best?

Updated 3/17/22 Summary: As we conduct more of our lives online, wireless security is increasingly important. From WEP in the 1990s to WPA2 to WPA3, we explain the strengths — and weaknesses — of each. Plus, we include other precautions to take, no matter what wireless security system you have.   The internet — wireless


How to Connect to Safe WiFi During My Move

Updated 3/23/22 Ensuring a secure wireless internet connection is always tricky, but throw it into the mix while moving into a new house and it can become a massive headache! Just because you are starting a new chapter in life doesn’t mean the world stops moving—you need to stay connected throughout your move even before

What internet Speed Do I Need? Choose the Best Internet.

What Internet Speed Do I Need? Choose the Best Internet

In today’s world, internet speed is an essential factor to consider when choosing an internet service provider. With many activities and jobs relying heavily on internet usage, it’s important to choose the right speed to fit your lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll answer questions such as: What internet speed do I need for home?

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What is Scareware? How to Spot Online Scams

Has this ever happened to you? You’re browsing online when a pop-up ad appears on your screen warning that your computer is infected with dozens of viruses. The ad says that you can remove them by buying antivirus software that will immediately eliminate them. If you’ve seen this, you’ve been hit with a scareware attack.


Password Protection 101

To maintain safety online, it’s best to use a different password for each and every website you frequent.  Because this can be a daunting task for even the most technical-minded person, it becomes tempting to write them down.  However, that log then becomes a single point of failure for security if it is stolen or