What is the Blocked Sender List

When an email address or domain is on your Blocked Sender List, messages sent to you from that address or domain are immediately and permanently deleted—no automatic replies will be sent.

When a person is on your Blocked Sender List, spamBlocker stops sending that person automatic replies and prevents any messages from that person from reaching any of your email folders, including your spam folders. Senders appear on your Blocked Sender List automatically when you reject their Allowed Sender Requests. But you can also add email addresses to your Blocked Sender List manually via your Web Mail Preferences Address Book tab.

Note: Even if you turn off spamBlocker, your Blocked Sender List remains active as long as it contains email addresses or domains. If you want to receive email from those senders, remember to remove their email addresses from the Blocked Sender List.

Note: Certain email messages will always appear in your Inbox, regardless of your spamBlocker settings.

These include Allowed Sender Requests sent by spamBlocker; most "bounced" email notices generated when you send messages to invalid email addresses; and messages from EarthLink regarding your account, Customer Support, and EarthLink products and services (you can stop receiving messages about products and services by following the unsubscribe instructions in those emails).