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The Web Mail Page

After you sign in, Web Mail will open, displaying the contents of your Inbox on the right, and the Folders Column --your list of folders and other options--on the left.

The Web Mail Interface

Your Web Mail window is divided into several sections, called "panes": The Folder List, the Message List, and the Message Preview.

The Folder List

The Folder List runs down the left side of the Web Mail page. It contains the standard Web Mail email folders Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Drafts, along with Undeliverable Mail and other folders you may have created. You will also see the spamBlocker folders Known spam and Suspect Email on the list, if you have activated spamBlocker. For more about spamBlocker see the spamBlocker help.

Below the folders are links to your Address Book, Preferences, Search Messages, Web Mail Help, Feedback, and Sign Out.

For more about folders, see Using Folders

The Message List

On the right side of the Web Mail page you will see two panes. When you first sign in, the contents of your Inbox folder will be displayed in top pane. When you click a folder, the list of messages it contains will be displayed. To view the contents of a message, click its Subject and it will be displayed in bottom pane (also called the Message Preview pane). (See Reading and Sorting Messages.)

The Message Preview

Below the Message List you may see the Message Preview pane. To activate or deactivate the Message Preview, click the Hide Preview (or Show Preview) button above the messages. When you turn off the preview, the list of messages takes up the entire right side, and clicking the subject of a message opens the message in the entire right side of the Web Mail page.

At the top and bottom of the preview pane you will see buttons for the common tasks associated with messages, depending on which folder the message is stored in.