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Troubleshooting Web Mail


Missing Email

There are two common reasons for email to be "missing" from Web Mail:
  • When you download your messages (as opposed to viewing them online), they will no longer be available in Web Mail. Web Mail works directly on the email server itself. Kind of like standing at the mailbox to read your mail and pay your bills. Your email program (like Outlook, or OS X Mail) downloads messages from the server, removing them from the server as it goes. So if you check your email with an email program, the messages you receive may not be available on Web Mail.

    However, you can set your email program to "Leave messages on server". This will make your email program leave a copy of them on the server, so you can see them in Web Mail too. To learn how to configure your email program to "Leave messages on server", visit the Support Center.

  • When downloading messages to an email program, not all messages appear: This is probably because you have moved those messages into folders in Web Mail. Your email program cannot download messages once they are in a Web Mail folder other than the Inbox folder. To download those messages to your program, move them into your Inbox folder in Web Mail.

    Web Mail uses a technology called "IMAP" that lets you sort your messages into folders while they are still on the email server. When you use an email program to check email, you are using "POP3" technology. POP3 is a very simple method of getting email. It logs in and downloads every message that is currently sitting in your Inbox.

    So by moving your messages into a folder, you take them out of the Inbox, where POP3 can't get at them.


spamBlocker Catches a Message It Shouldn't

On very rare occasions, if you use spamBlocker, a message from an address that is in your Address Book may accidentally be put in your Suspect Email folder. If this ever happens, click the Update spamBlocker Addresses button at the top of your Address Book, to make spamBlocker recognize email from that address in the future. This problem is extremely rare, and we are working to correct the problem in a future version of Web Mail.


Dealing with "Undeliverable" Messages

If someone sends you a message that is too large or becomes corrupted, it might get stuck in your Inbox and prevent you from downloading any of your email using your email program.

Web Mail automatically moves these undeliverable messages out of your Web Mail inbox and into a folder called Undeliverable Mail. Moving these messages out of your Inbox makes it possible for you to download the rest of your email.

When this happens, you'll receive an email alerting you that you have a stuck message. Sign in to Web Mail and open the Undeliverable Mail folder to see the message. However, you might not be able to open the message if it's corrupt.

Messages in the Undeliverable Mail folder are automatically deleted after 14 days. If you want to save a stuck message, move it to another Web Mail folder, or move it to the Inbox if you want to try to download it again.