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Managing Intercepted Email

By default, spamBlocker:

  • Deletes Known spam immediately.
  • Stores suspect email in your Suspect Email folder for 14 days, then deletes it.

You can change both of these settings in spamBlocker Settings.

Note: Messages in your Suspect Email folder do count toward your storage limit.

Viewing Intercepted Messages

To view the messages in your Known spam and Suspect Email folders, simply click the Known spam or Suspect Email folder, located near your Inbox and other email folders. (If you haven't changed the default settings, then there will be no Known spam folder, because those messages will be deleted as soon as they come in.)

To read a message, open it as you would normally open a message in Web Mail.

Forwarding Intercepted Messages to Your Inbox

If the message is already open:

  1. Click the Select Folder menu and choose Inbox (or any other folder).
  2. Click the Move button (for Known spam messages) or the Move & Add Contact button (for Suspect Email messages).

If the message is not open:

  1. In the message list, check the box next to the message you want to forward (you can select more than one message if you wish).
  2. Click the Send to My Inbox button (if you are in the Known spam folder) or choose Move to Inbox & Add Contact from the pull-down menu and click Go (if you are in the Suspect Email folder).

If you add a sender to your Address Book, you will receive future messages from that sender without delay (see Allowing Email from Specific Senders for details). If there are any other messages from that sender in your Suspect Email folder, spamBlocker will also forward those messages to your Inbox. (Forwarding a message from the Known spam folder does not add the sender to your Address Book.)

Note: If you are using TotalAccess MailBox or another email program, forwarded messages will not appear in your email program's Inbox until the next time you check for new email.

Deleting Intercepted Messages

To delete a single message that is already open:

  1. Click the Delete button in the message window.

To delete one or more messages that are not open:

  1. In the message list, check the boxes next to the messages you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button.

To delete all the messages in a folder:

  1. Click the Delete All Messages button.

Note: You must click the Delete button for any currently selected messages before you click the Back or Nextlinks to delete other messages stored in the folder. spamBlocker allows you to delete selected messages only one screen at a time.

Reporting Email Mistakenly Classified as Spam

In the unlikely event that you find a valid email message in your Known spam folder, you can report it to us. We'll analyze it to determine why it was mistakenly classified as spam.

To report a mistakenly classified email:

  1. In the message list, select the messages you want us to analyze.
  2. Click the This Is NOT spam button.


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