Please be aware of 2 known scams impersonating EarthLink’s brand.

1) Customer Service Fraudulent Advertising

There are multiple companies impersonating EarthLink and promoting incorrect phone numbers or email addresses to try and get your information and/or money. If you need contact information for EarthLink, visit to ensure you’re contacting an authentic EarthLink representative.

The accurate and safe ways to contact EarthLink support team are as follows:

  • Call our designated support line at 1-888-EARTHLINK (888-327-8454).
  • SMS Text us at 1-866-420-2445.
  • Download the mobile app for Android an iPhone. The app is free and you can chat with a customer support specialist. Download here.
  • Chat with support via our chat tool on the website here.
  • Research issues, find outage postings and other support topics are further detailed at our support page

Examples of fraudulent advertisements below:

2)  Email Phishing Scam

An email that fraudulently represent EarthLink has been identified. The email is written to trick you into a clicking a link to a fake webpage with the aim of persuading you to enter personal information. The message may include information that the default payment has expired or a recent payment has been declined.

Tips to identify a phishing email:

  • Misspelled words
  • Grammatical error
  • Incorrect links, to test, hover over link and you will see an unauthorized address
Example of incorrect link.

If your EarthLink account becomes past due and is subject to disconnection, EarthLink will notify via email. You will be requested to login in to MyAccount to make changes to your account.

If you receive an email that you suspect as a phishing attempt, please forward to and delete email.