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EarthLink’s Gift Card Program

Did you qualify for a gift card when you signed up with EarthLink? Curious about what to expect? We’ve got all the details you need here. Oh, and we’ll be sending updates to your inbox, too — so be sure to keep an eye on the email address tied to your EarthLink account.

Here’s the basics on how it works:

  • You sign up for a qualifying EarthLink plan or service
  • Continue your service to fulfill the gift card terms (this varies depending on what you signed up for, but could be 90 days)
    • Pro tip: Service starts when you’ve activated your mobile plan or your internet has been installed, not necessarily the day you signed up
  • Once you’ve reached that point in your service, you’ll get an email from the gift card provider, Elite Fulfillment Group
    • The sender will be: EarthLinkRewards.com
    • The subject line will be: “It pays to be an EarthLink customer”
  • The email will provide instructions to get your card
  • You’ll print, sign, and mail the forms to the listed address

That’s it! You’ll also be able to choose a physical gift card or a virtual gift card — whatever works best for you. If you choose a physical card, it takes roughly 10-14 days to come in the mail. A virtual gift card will come via email within 24 hours.

If you have questions about your EarthLink service, give us a call at 888-327-8454. If you have questions about your gift card, call our EarthLink Rewards customer support team at 833-602-2179.