EarthLink Partner Programs

Whether you’d like to advertise on an EarthLink Web property, integrate your products or services into the EarthLink customer experience, or distribute our Internet access to your employees and customers, there is a world of opportunity for companies and individuals to form inclusive and contributing partnerships with EarthLink.

Computer hardware, software, and peripherals manufacturers can bundle EarthLink access with their established line of products. Web designers can offer convenient, professional EarthLink Web hosting to their clientele. And that’s just the beginning.

Advertising Solutions
We can provide qualified organizations with the chance to integrate their products, services, and electronic content into the EarthLink subscriber experience. Ask us about our advertising opportunities today.

EarthLink Advertising Solutions

Making an impact with your brand.

Make an impact with over 12 million consumers every month across multiple dynamic and engaging platforms. Our targeting capabilities can help maximize your creative and deliver results.

EarthLink Advertising Solutions offers a range of advertising options across our network of EarthLink and PeoplePC properties and sites. We can help you develop the best package to ensure your brands. success in targeting your desired audience and achieving your campaign goals.

Advertising Media Kit (PPT) . includes EarthLink subscriber statistics and demographics
Specification Guidelines (PDF) . for online ads

Whether you’re targeting a broad group of consumers or a niche audience, EarthLink Advertising Solutions can help you find the right placement opportunities to meet your goals.