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Why EarthLink Mobile?

Doing some comparison shopping? Switching mobile carriers is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be a big hassle when you make the right call with EarthLink Mobile.

Our Favorite Reasons

  • No Credit Checks
    We trust our customers. When you get started with EarthLink, you don’t have to worry about passing a credit check — or paying for extra services you don’t need.
  • No Contracts
    EarthLink Mobile won’t keep you locked into an endless contract like other providers. All of our mobile plans are contract-free, so you’re never stuck with a plan or a service that doesn’t work for you.
  • A Trusted Brand
    EarthLink is a name you already know and trust to keep you connected and offer great value. Plus, our award-winning customer service is here to help.

The Best Plans

  • Unlimited Talk & Text
    EarthLink Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text* — so whether you pride yourself on taking business calls from anywhere or you’re in a back-and-forth about upcoming travel plans, you don’t have to worry.
  • No Activation Fees
    Other carriers charge a fee for starting on their service. We’re just glad you made the right call and switched to a mobile provider that’s committed to keeping you connected.
  • 5G Speeds
    5G offers lightning-fast speeds, but your phone — and carrier — have to offer it. EarthLink Mobile does that. If 5G is available in your area, you can enjoy the latest capabilities of a mobile network.
  • Unlimited Calling to 30+ Countries from the U.S.
    At EarthLink Mobile, we celebrate connections across the globe. That’s why our plans include unlimited calling to more than 30 countries from the U.S.* without any overage fees.
  • Easily Check Your Data Usage with a Quick Text
    If unlimited data isn’t the right fit for you, you’ll want to stay on top of your data usage. We make it easy. Just send a quick text and we’ll let you know how much data you’ve used this month. No app login required.
iPhone floating in air
Woman holding EarthLink Mobile device

The Best Devices

  • The Newest and Best Phones Available
    Is it time for a device upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest smart phone or a flip phone to stay connected to what matters most, you can find it here.
  • Or Bring Your Own Phone
    We know you value your current device. It’s reliable, trustworthy, and set up just how you like it. We make it easy to bring it with you!
  • Device Protection Options
    Prefer to have some insurance on your phone in case something goes wrong — or it gets dropped on concrete? We offer a variety of device protection plans.

EarthLink Mobile is a budget-friendly phone service provider, so your first monthly plan payment is due at activation, and not a moment sooner.

Ready to choose your plan? Call one of our experts at 866-314-0206 or find out more below.

We make switching mobile phone carriers super easy. You’ll just need to decide if you’re keeping your current number or getting a new number. We can help with either! Then, gather your account number, password or PIN, and the billing zip code on your current carrier’s account.

Have your information ready? Perfect! Give us a call at 866-314-0206 and we can walk you through the rest of the process, from finding the perfect plan to inserting your SIM card.

Mobile services are offered in partnership with Ultra Mobile, the underlying mobile network service provider.