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Switch Mobile Phone Carriers

How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers to EarthLink Mobile

Switch phone carriers to EarthLink Mobile today and get the largest and fastest network in the U.S. Whether you want to buy a phone or keep your current one (it’s totally up to you), we’ll help make it simple, affordable, and fast.

Get started now with two easy steps:

Check Service

Check out our coverage map to make sure we have service in your area.

Phone Number

Get a new mobile phone number or bring your current number to EarthLink.

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How to Switch Phone Carriers to EarthLink Mobile

Option #1

Bring Your Current Phone to EarthLink Mobile Today

Current Phone, Current Number

Just make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible. Then gather this information, and we’ll do the rest for you:

  • Account Number
  • Password or PIN
  • Billing zip code on your current carrier’s account

Current Phone, New EarthLink Number

Bringing your own device? EarthLink Mobile is great on most devices! And we’d love to help you make the right call and switch cell phone carriers!

First, let’s make sure your phone is unlocked and check to see if it’s compatible.

Option #2

Ready for a new phone? We’ve got you covered.

Current Number, New EarthLink Phone

Just gather this information, and we’ll do the rest for you:

  • Account Number
  • Password or PIN
  • Billing zip code on your current carrier’s account

New EarthLink Number, New EarthLink Phone

No need to check anything — no, really. Your phone will work on our network as soon as you receive and activate it.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with EarthLink Mobile?

We know how great it is to switch cell phone carriers to a company you love, so start by taking a look at your phone. Enter the IMEI number from your device by using the Check Your Device button below.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identification or serial number that is assigned to a mobile phone. It’s typically 15 digits long.

To find your IMEI number, you can:

  • Dial *#06# on your phone
  • Look in your phone settings
    • iPhone: Settings > General > About. Scroll down for the IMEI
    • Android: Settings > About Phone > Status. Scroll down for the IMEI
    • Other: Settings > Phone Information
  • Remove your phone’s battery (if possible), and look in the battery compartment.
  • If you’re having trouble finding it, please contact our Mobile Support Team at 844-660-1500, and we can help.
  • Or, enter your phone’s manufacturer and model.

How do I know if I have an unlocked phone?

What’s an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone can be used on multiple networks and isn’t tied to a specific carrier or plan. You’ll need an unlocked phone to switch phone carriers and join EarthLink Mobile.

  • Checking your IMEI number is a great way to find out if your phone is compatible, but it won’t tell you if your phone is locked. If your phone is locked to another carrier, it won’t work on our service (or any other provider’s service).
  • The best way to determine if your phone is unlocked is to call your current provider and ask. But here are a few requirements for it to be unlocked:
    • Phone not reported lost or stolen
    • No past due or unpaid balances or fees
  • It also depends if you’ve purchased a prepaid phone or a payment plan phone. Prepaid phones generally take longer to become eligible compared to payment plan phones. See the table below for more information or check out our FAQs.
Carrier   Payment plan phones   eligible after    Prepaid phones   eligible after  
AT&T   60 days   6 months  
Boost Mobile   n/a   12 months  
Cricket Wireless   n/a   6 months  
Metro by T Mobile   n/a   180 days  
Straight Talk   12 months   12 months  
T-Mobile   40 days   12 months  
Tracfone   n/a   12 months  
Verizon   60 days   60 days  


How do I get an unlocked phone?

  • There are lots of places to find an unlocked phone — including EarthLink Mobile. All of our phones are unlocked and contract-free. So when you switch cell phone carriers and stick with us, you’ll always be in control of your bill.

What devices will NOT work with EarthLink Mobile?

Even though EarthLink Mobile will work well with all different types of phones, some exclusions apply including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Locked phones that only work with the provider where you bought it
  • Devices under an existing contract with another carrier (or if funds are still owed to your old carrier).
  • Phones from your employer for work.
  • Devices reported lost or stolen.
  • Devices reported for fraud.

Ready to choose an EarthLink Mobile plan?

Now that you’ve got a compatible phone, you might be thinking it’s time to switch cell phone carriers and avoid another endless contract. So, let’s find you the right plan!

What to Do After You Place Your Order

Already placed your EarthLink Mobile order? Yay!

Let’s get you connected! Go to My Account at myaccount.earthlink.net to check the order status of your SIM card.

If you’ve already received your SIM card, there are just four things you need to do to officially switch your phone carrier.

Log into My Account, then go to the My Wireless Plan page.

Select either Activate a New Number or Transfer an Existing Number

Enter the Activation Code

Press the Pay and Activate button.

Remember, new number activations are usually complete within minutes.

If you are transferring your current number instead, you’ll need a couple of things. Gather the account number and password or PIN from your current provider. Remember, number transfers can take up to a few hours.

Experiencing issues during activation? Please chat or call our Mobile Support Team at 844-660-1500.

What to Do After Your Activation Is Complete

Enjoy your EarthLink Mobile service! Aren’t you glad you switched phone carriers?

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