Reinventing EarthLink: Atlanta’s 25-Year-Old Start-Up


ATLANTA — On November 20, 2019, EarthLink, the provider of internet and other online services, hit reboot. As a result – in less than a year – the company has significantly expanded its internet coverage map, increased its High-Speed Internet customers by 34%, been recognized as one of the fastest and most affordable internet providers nationwide by BroadbandNow, and today officially opens new headquarters.

“Over the past 11 months, EarthLink has been growing both the number of customers and employees. It was important to have our work environment match the same expectations we have for our customers,” said Glenn Goad, EarthLink CEO. “Our new space is open, collaborative, and designed with innovation in mind. EarthLink’s focus is on driving the next revolution in connectivity and we wanted a place that could attract Atlanta’s best employees and give them a place to make innovation possible. Eleven months ago, the leadership team and our employees hit the ground running and I am so proud of everything we’ve accomplished. But this really is just the beginning.”

EarthLink also has announced new products and services that protect a customer’s privacy and security and launched more robust digital marketing and access services for small businesses.

“Our goal is to connect and protect our customers however they’re online, whether it’s a laptop, smart TV or other Internet of Things (IoT) devices,” he continued. “We’re able to do that because EarthLink isn’t tied to just one technology. Our approach is to partner with the best technologies out there, so our customers aren’t tethered to one technology. We want to redefine the customer relationship by reducing complexity and offering what works best for the customer.”

About EarthLink:

EarthLink offers secure, fast, and affordable internet access with coverage available to more households and small businesses in the U.S. than any other Internet Service Provider. EarthLink also provides premium email and privacy and security products for Consumers, while delivering digital marketing solutions and website design for Small Businesses. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Atlanta GA, EarthLink is now redefining the next revolution in telecom with a customer-centric, asset-light model focused on partnerships and an enhanced customer experience that includes no data caps, no throttling, or mandatory bundles.

EarthLink is now headquartered at 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 400, Atlanta GA 30328.