EarthLink Coverage Expands Around the U.S.


EarthLink’s broadband now reaches nearly two-thirds of U.S. households

ATLANTA—EarthLink, a leading provider of internet and online services, today announced expanded nationwide service coverage. EarthLink now can provide high-speed internet to more homes in America than any other service provider.

EarthLink rebooted in January with a vision to deliver the right speed at the right price, with intentional customer service, to every home in America. In 2019, the company achieved significant coverage expansion by focusing on partnerships and product innovations that deliver consumers and businesses internet and online services they need. With the expansion, EarthLink HyperLink can deliver internet connectivity at speeds as high as 1Gbps to more than 78.5 million households.

EarthLink is unique in the industry in that they are a pure internet service provider. “Internet is what we do,” said Glenn Goad, EarthLink CEO. “We don’t force our customers to buy bundles or have teaser rates. Our focus is on providing a straightforward internet offering at the speed and price that meets the customer’s need, while also protecting their privacy and security.”

“Our product strategy is very simple,” said Mike Toplisek, EarthLink President. “We are constantly looking for the best technology that we can deliver, layered with managed services and an exceptional customer experience. Over the past 25 years, consumers have turned to EarthLink to solve how to get connected and that will remain our core focus.”

About EarthLink:

EarthLink offers secure, fast and affordable internet access with coverage available to more households and small businesses in the U.S. than any other Internet Service Provider. EarthLink also provides premium email and privacy and security products for consumers, while delivering digital marketing solutions and website design for small businesses. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, EarthLink is now redefining the next revolution in telecom with a customer-centric, asset-light model focused on partnerships and an enhanced customer experience that includes no data caps, no throttling, or mandatory bundles.