EarthLink Announces Protect Consumer Security and Safety Product


Powered by NortonLifeLock, EarthLink Protect+ offers the benefits of device security, online privacy and identity theft protection

ATLANTA—January 13, 2020 – EarthLink, a leading provider of internet and online services, today announced the launch of EarthLink Protect and EarthLink Protect+, new consumer products offering comprehensive all-in-one protection for your connected devices, online privacy, and identity. Both EarthLink Protect and EarthLink Protect+, are powered by NortonLifeLock, a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. EarthLink is the only internet service provider in the U.S. offering NortonLifeLock solutions.

The EarthLink Protect plan is designed to bring you comprehensive all-in-one protection for your connected devices and online privacy. Features include Device Security with real-time protection from malware and viruses, bank-grade encryption with a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi, Dark Web Monitoring to patrol the dark web for your personal information, Parental Controls to help your kids explore their connected world safely, and PC SafeCam to block unauthorized access to your camera. EarthLink Protect+ then goes a step further to provide LifeLock identity theft protection and alert you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity within their network.

“EarthLink is committed to helping consumers protect their privacy and security online,” said Glenn Goad, EarthLink CEO. “We’re also committed to partnering with companies that have technologies that work best for our customers. NortonLifeLock offers outstanding solutions that are a perfect fit for what we offer under EarthLink Secure, our comprehensive suite of tools designed to help protect data and information.”

“According to a 2019 Pew Research Center Report, 70% of Americans say that their personal data is less secure than it was five years ago, and 28% have experienced identity theft in the past 12 months,” said EarthLink Chief Product Officer Leon Hounshell. “The Norton 360 with LifeLock cybersecurity solutions fit in lock-step with our commitment to help alleviate those concerns by offering an easy way to make home devices more secure.”

The monthly price of EarthLink Protect and EarthLink Protect+, which begins at $7.95, is based on the number of devices and features. Details about the offerings, features and pricing can be found EarthLink Secure.

About EarthLink:

EarthLink offers secure, fast and affordable internet access with coverage available to more households and small businesses in the U.S. than any other Internet Service Provider. EarthLink also provides premium email and privacy and security products for Consumers, while delivering digital marketing solutions and website design for Small Businesses. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, EarthLink is now redefining the next revolution in telecom with a customer-centric, asset-light model focused on partnerships and an enhanced customer experience that includes no data caps, no throttling, or mandatory bundles.