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Packing up moving boxes can be a pain — but moving your internet to a new home shouldn’t be! We’re excited to help make your new house a home, so we make it easy to take us with you.

Wherever you’re going, our Moving Experts can help you stay connected by transferring your service, setting up an installation date, and answering all your questions. It’s never been easier to take the internet you know and love to your new address.

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EarthLink Internet

Up to
5 Gigs


EarthLink Internet

Up to
300 Mbps


EarthLink Internet

Up to
100 Mbps

Award-Winning High-Speed Internet

EarthLink HyperLink internet provides fast, reliable service to more homes in the U.S than any other provider. That means great availability plus more speed (up to 1 Gig!) for more devices so you can stay connected to what you love – and your loved ones.

  • Get the internet speed that fits your needs.
  • Centralized customer support — all your questions answered in one place.
  • We will never sell your information. Period.

No Stress Switching

We make it simple. Just give our experts a call at 866-311-2025, and we’ll get everything taken care of including finding the right internet plan for you and scheduling your professional installation. We’ll find a time that works with your schedule and get you all set up – even your WiFi.

25+ Mbps

The right residential high-speed internet plan for 1-2 devices. Great for occasional streaming and gaming, photo sharing, and downloading music.

100+ Mbps

Amazing speed for up to 5 individual devices. Faster download speeds for streaming the latest shows, playing online, and sharing photos and music.

500+ Mbps

Great for up to 12 devices. Remote school and working from home, rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, and more.

1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

Created for unlimited devices. Rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, music and photo sharing, and smart home devices.