Award-Winning High-Speed Internet

EarthLink HyperLink internet provides fast, reliable service to more homes in the U.S than any other provider. That means great availability plus more speed (up to 1 Gig!) for more devices so you can stay connected to what you love – and your loved ones.

  • Get the internet speed that fits your needs.
  • Centralized customer support — all your questions answered in one place.
  • We will never sell your information. Period.

No Stress Switching

We make it simple. Just give our experts a call at 866-311-2025, and we’ll get everything taken care of including finding the right internet plan for you and scheduling your professional installation. We’ll find a time that works with your schedule and get you all set up – even your WiFi.

25+ Mbps

The right residential high-speed internet plan for 1-2 devices. Great for occasional streaming and gaming, photo sharing, and downloading music.

100+ Mbps

Amazing speed for up to 5 individual devices. Faster download speeds for streaming the latest shows, playing online, and sharing photos and music.

500+ Mbps

Great for up to 12 devices. Remote school and working from home, rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, and more.

1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

Created for unlimited devices. Rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, music and photo sharing, and smart home devices.


HyperLink Internet

Up to
1 Gbps


HyperLink Internet

Up to
100 Mbps


HyperLink Internet

Up to
30 Mbps