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Using state of the art fiber optic technology, EarthLink provides superior uptime, unparalleled internet speeds and easy access across Districtofcolumbia. Enjoy lightning fast internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps* with EarthLink. Stay connected in all areas of Districtofcolumbia.

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Hyperlink high speed internet

Download speed up to 1000 MBPS per second

1000 MBPS

*Offers vary by speed and location. See offer and plan details.

Enjoy all the benefits of your new EarthLink internet plan! Your EarthLink
service entitles you to more than just a reliable internet connection.

Nationwide Network Coverage

Backed by state of the art Fiber-Optic technology, Districtofcolumbia high-speed internet by EarthLink provides uncapped usage, fast internet speeds and nationwide coverage.

Connecting people all over faster

We at EarthLink are committed to providing all residents of Districtofcolumbia with the best service at the best prices possible. We have a connection that works for you, get it here at the best price.

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Common Questions

Should I cancel my service before I move?

You don’t have to cancel your service when you move, especially when it is easier to just transfer that service to your new address.

How do I transfer my service to my new residence?

It only takes a few minutes to notify us of your move. We can help you two ways; check your zip code serviceability above, or call us at 888-327-8454.

How long will it take to relocate my service?

We ask that you provide at least a 2 week notice of your move. However, the sooner the better since we will have to re-provision your access at your new residence. We want to provide you with the best experience with no downtime. EarthLink will provide you regular updates on the progress of relocating your service via text on the phone number updated on your account.

Does moving my service cost anything?

Similar to the original installation, we will be sending a professional installer to your new residence to insure your new service meets your expectations. An installation fee will be assessed at the time your relocation order is submitted. Any early termination fees at old address will be waived upon service being established at the new residence. Since we are provisioning a new circuit, the new service will come with a revised early termination fee.

If I'm transferring my service, should I take my equipment with me?

Take your modem, power cord and wiring. When the technician arrives to set up your transferred service, they’ll take back what isn’t needed. Don’t be surprised if the technician provides new, and better equipment.

I would like to upgrade my speed at my new address. Can I do it?

You can upgrade your speed at any time! We would have to check serviceability first in order to see what higher speeds are supported.

What if I need to reschedule my relocation date?

We do need an adult 18 years or older at the new address to allow the professional installer into the building. You can respond to the relocation confirmation text you received from us or call as soon as you are aware that you need to make a change. The number is 888-327-8454 and select the “relocation” option if prompted.

What if my new address is not serviceable for EarthLink?

We continue to widen our national internet footprint so these instances should be minimal. However, if we can not support your relocation we will let you know promptly so you can plan accordingly. In addition, please be aware that any early termination fees will apply if the move occurs while the service is under contract.

I’m moving out but my roommate isn’t. They want to keep the service. What should I do?

Continue forward with the relocation request. We would simply need to get the mover and the roommate on a call to change ownership of the original service. We will need to change the name, contact email address, contact phone number, method of payment, and all security questions (in private) to transition the account appropriately. EarthLink email addresses can also be transitioned as needed.

What will happen to my EarthLink email address and Norton product?

We will make arrangements to move your email address and any other value-added products to your new order/address.

* Actual speeds may vary based on network activity, configuration, and other factors. Subject to availability. Some prices shown may be introductory offers. Equipment fees, taxes and other fees and restrictions may apply.

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