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Website Security (SSL)

  • Ensure your site is secured to give your clients the confidence that the information they submit through your site is secure
  • SSL certificates increase the credibility of any website
  • Google ranks sites with SSL certificates higher
  • A must security credential for any transactional website

Comodo Positive SSL

  • Basic SSL certificate providing minimum coverage
  • $49.95/yr.
  • Static True Site Seal
  • $10K Waranty
  • Comodo Domain Validation

Comodo DV SSL

  • Enterprise level SSL encryption with a dynamic site deal with your company name and validation timestamp
  • $99.95/yr.
  • Static True Site Seal
  • $250K Warranty
  • Comodo Domain Validation

Comodo EVt SSL

  • EV SSL displays a visible secure sign which assures your site visitors that their sensitive data is transmitted by a highly secured, trustworthy domain
  • $149.95/yr.
  • Green Browser Address Bar
  • $1.75M Warranty
  • Full Extended Organization Validation (EV)