How Grandparents Can Connect With Their Grandkids on Instagram

Savvy Cyber Kids By Savvy Cyber Kids March 29, 2018

Sometimes you just have to meet folks where they are. Geography aside, your grandchildren are likely on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. That’s the beauty of technology, your grandkids could be living down the street from you or a continent away, but social media doesn’t care. And truth be told, your grandkids might very well be more attentive to what you have to say when you post it.

The great thing about Instagram is that it’s perfect for grandparents. Think of it as a virtual photo album or brag book. It’s an opportunity to share your point of view, your memories, and your favorites with the younger generation when (and where) they are listening.

How Grandparents Can Get Started on Instagram

Start with the photo or image. Just like your traditional photo album, choose an image that is interesting. Instagram is about telling stories through images. A memory from your childhood is a story waiting to be told. Honoring your grandchild’s academic or sports achievement is perfect for Instagram. But do be smart about sharing their personal or identifying information on public social media platforms.

Instagram can be all about introspection, especially when this dive inward opens a window into who you are in a way that your family can see and share it. Instagram encourages you to share details about an image with a description.

Using Hashtags on Instagram

Then, don’t forget to close with hashtags. A hashtag is like a filing system for social media posts and can help you become part of a trending topic. They always start with the symbol # and are followed by a word with no spaces or punctuation. #grandparent is one to try or maybe #ilovemygrandkids. Just like you can follow an account on Instagram, you can also follow hashtags. So, by using them on your posts, more people might be more likely to see them.

Technically you are encouraged to use more than one hashtag say 10 but no more than 30. You can also curate your own collection of hashtags and re-use them.

Here is a list of hashtags you could use:

#grandparents #family #love #happy #fun #cute #instagood #familytime #life #photooftheday #smile #mom #dad #sister #sisters #siblings #mother #father #related #brothers #brother #sis #bro #grandma #grandpa #parents #grandparentsday #summer #memories #blessed #photo #birthday #anniversary #wedding #uncle #mothersday  #auntie #fathersday #halloween #babyshower #parentstobe #summer #holidays

Want to see how other grandparents are doing it? Check out #grandparent on Instagram.

How Grandparents Can Use Social Media to Make Connections

Think this is sounding a bit frivolous? Think again. Drawings for My Grandchildren is a great example of a way to use social media to make meaningful family connections. This 75-year-old grandfather, Chan Joe, lives in South Korea far from his grandchildren in the United States. He may have wondered if they will really ever know him or what will they remember about him? Chan Joe’s son recognized his father’s talent with art and saw its potential on Instagram. He encouraged his father to draw for his grandchildren and share the images on Instagram.

Social Media Etiquette for Grandparents

  • Don’t post unflattering or inappropriate photos of your grandkids
  • Don’t hijack every post and turn it into a conversation
  • Don’t use social media to guilt kids or grandkids
  • Don’t add your grandkids’ friends unless they instigate it

There’s another side benefit of getting on Instagram or other social media. It gets you involved in your grandchild’s online world. This a great conversation starter for you and your grandchildren. Ask them for help setting up your account and for Instagram tips. Ready to give it a try?


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