Google 2018 SSL Certificate Changes

EarthLink Staff By EarthLink Staff June 11, 2018

In July 2018, Google will release an updated version of their web browser Chrome that will mark websites without SSL certificates as “not secure”. Other browsers, like IE, Edge, Firefox will also be adopting this policy. Why is this important for your small business’s website design and digital marketing? Let’s take a look.

What is SSL?

SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for web browsers, encrypting information passed between a website’s server and a visitor’s browser. Websites with SSL certificates appear in your browser URL as “HTTPS” versus “HTTP”.

SSL helps create a safe and secure connection for your web pages, keeping customers’ information safe from hackers, criminals, and other unwanted eyes.

SSL helps create a safe and secure connection for your web pages

Why use SSL?

Your business and website needs to look credible to your website visitors. Websites marked as “not secure” may cause potential customers to lose trust in your business, so it’s becoming increasingly important that every website is secured with SSL. If your website transits sensitive information like credit card details or personal information, it’s essential your business and your customers’ information is protected with SSL.

information is protected with SSL

Secure your website and your Customer’s information before July 2018. If your site does not have an SSL Certificate, you can learn more about EarthLink’s SSL Certificate by calling 1-800-201-8615 or learn more here.

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