The Top 20 Most Popular Mobile Apps

Michelle Ricker By Michelle Ricker November 23, 2021

With more than 5 million apps available across both the Apple and Google stores, we were curious — where are most people spending their time? And what are the hottest new apps? Let’s find out.

An infographic detailing the top 10 most used apps in 2020: Facebook, Facebook messenger, Amazon, Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. The top 10 apps with the most downloads in 2020 were: TikTok, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Cash App, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Snapchat.

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Michelle Ricker

Michelle Ricker

Michelle Ricker is a Copywriter for EarthLink. She recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an M.A. in Communication and has more than 5 years of writing experience. She thrives on storytelling and well-placed punctuation. She currently lives and works in Atlanta.

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