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Infographic: How Long Do People Keep Most of Their Electronic Devices?

Marie Flanagan By Marie Flanagan June 21, 2022

We all love an upgrade. Whether it’s being bumped up to first class on a flight or unboxing the latest piece of tech, getting the latest and greatest is fun. But how often are we replacing our tech? Should you try to hack planned obsolescence and make it last longer? Let’s find out.

While these are the habits of the average consumer, your plan could look totally different. You might upgrade your phone every year or you might hold onto your device until you can’t do any more system updates.

Whatever fits your life, EarthLink has a plan to help. With a variety of mobile plans to choose from, the option to bring your own device or get a new one — and the largest internet network in the U.S. — we’re here for you every step of the way. Call 866-383-3080 and get started today.

Marie Flanagan

Marie Flanagan

Marie Flanagan is a contributing writer for EarthLink. She’s a life-long Atlantan with a passion for SaaS, IoT, AI, fintech, and everything technology. Her ideal offline situation is volunteering in STEM education for girls or on her front porch with a book.

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