Guide to Becoming a More Tech-Savvy Grandparent

Savvy Cyber Kids By Savvy Cyber Kids May 31, 2018

We are living in the Digital Age. Got grandkids? Then you are grandparenting Digital Natives, young people born into a world that is, if not defined by technology, then certainly surrounded by technology in ever-evolving ways. This means, like it or not, you are a Digital Grandparent.

What does it mean to digitally grandparent?

From the Savvy Cyber Kids point-of-view we — parents, grandparents, educators, and any adult who cares for a young person — have a responsibility to raise cyber-aware kids. Their safety depends on it. Their reputation and their ability to not make inappropriate decisions that will negatively impact the rest of their lives depends on it too.

There is no one-stop-shop set of rules for digitally grandparenting. Every family can and should make their own judgments, even from child to child, or grandchild to grandchild, about what constitutes cyber safety and cyber ethics in the family home. The one rule we impart to EVERY digital grandparent is to get involved and stay involved in your grandchildren’s digital lives.

Ready to become a tech-savvy grandparent?

Here are some guides to get you started:

Grandparents guide, Volume 1

Grandparents guide, Volume 2

Grandparents guide, Volume 3

In order to get involved, you need to be on technology yourself. The Savvy Cyber Kids Grandparent Guides to Technology help you navigate your own online safety while you meet your grandchildren where they are at.

Where are your grandchildren living?

Geography aside, they are likely on Instagram and TikTok, among other social media platforms. That’s the beauty of technology: your grandkids could be living down the street from you or a continent away technology doesn’t care. And truth be told, your grandkids might very well be more attentive to what you have to say when you post it or when you use technology to communicate with them.



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