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Browser Privacy: Browsers & Settings to Maximize Your Security

Summary: You know the cornerstones of online security, from using a strong password to thinking twice before posting private information on public social media. But there’s a less obvious element to this, too: choosing a secure browser. Learn what browser privacy is, why it’s important, the top-rated secure browsers, and how to enhance privacy on

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How to Choose a Wireless Router

Summary: Choosing your wireless router can seem almost as complicated as choosing your high-speed internet plan. While there are a ton of options on the market, you’ll want to ensure it’s compatible with your service and double check any additional features before making your purchase. We’ve got the questions to ask — and the answer

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How to Get Great High-Speed Internet on Vacation

Updated 4/18/22 Summary: Wherever you’re headed, high-speed internet is probably a factor. And, if you’re renting your home out, you can bet it’s a factor for potential renters, too. So how do you get a reliable internet connection when you’re not home? We’re breaking down how to provide internet to guests, how to make sure

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5 Ways to Secure Your Smart Home Devices

Summary: With these tips, your home isn’t the only one getting smarter. While there’s no straightforward answer to just how hackable each individual smart device is, you can think of every connection to your WiFi network as a door. For every door, you need a good lock. Learn how to stay safer and protect your

Why Email Privacy Is Important

Summary: Staying secure is an important part of your high-speed internet access. One place where privacy is often overlooked, though, is your email. If you’re using a free email provider, chances are high that they’re compromising your privacy to make money off of your data somehow. We discuss why email privacy actually matters and why

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How to Keep Your Personal Information Safer On Social Media

Summary: Sharing too much on your social media profiles can increase the risk of someone breaching your security (full date of birth on your profile and your mom’s maiden name on hers, anyone?). But it is possible to stay safer while staying connected. From remembering to adjust your privacy settings to omitting personal information to