Activate your SIM

Did you receive your new SIM card from EarthLink? That’s great! Enter the 11-digit ACT code printed in the top right corner on the back of the SIM card.


Enter the ACT code from your SIM card in the box above (code shown here is an example).

EarthLink Mobile works on unlocked, 4G LTE phones

Check your phone compatibility

For the best experience on EarthLink, we’d recommend that you take our quick phone compatibility check. The easy way to make sure your phone is 4G LTE and VoLTE friendly before you join us.

Find out if your phone is locked or unlocked

Your phone must be unlocked to get EarthLink Mobile service. If you are on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, your phone is probably already unlocked. If you aren’t sure, the most reliable way to find out is by calling your current (cough, expensive) carrier.

How to unlock your device

If you’re making payments on your phone through another carrier, you will have to pay off the remaining balance before bringing your phone to EarthLink. Once your phone has been fully paid off, your carrier is legally obligated to unlock your phone for free.

See the most frequently asked questions

Yes, you can request a new number during the SIM card activation process. You will need to enter your zip code and choose the option, “Get a new number.” A new number will auto generate based on the zip code and availability in your particular area code.

Any resemblance your new number bears to the geographical coordinates of the Lost City of Atlantis is purely coincidental.

EarthLink coverage has never been more available. Use the availability tool above to see if EarthLink, including our new HyperLink internet, is available in your neighborhood.

The speed you need depends on what you want out of your internet. Never pay more for what you need, and we offer a variety of custom plans to provide the right amount of internet for you. Interested in learning about the speeds you need? Check out one of our recent blogs to learn more, and check your current internet speed at

EarthLink offers a wide range of custom plans designed for all ranges of internet users. From our standard plans all the way to our new HyperLink internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps with no data caps and no throttling. Whether residential or business needs, EarthLink has you covered. Check out our blog to see what speeds you need and what plan works best for you.

EarthLink customer service is available to help whenever you need it online and over the phone. Visit to see solutions to common issues, or call to speak to a representative. We are happy to assist you however you need.

Moving can be a stressful time, so make sure transferring your internet service doesn’t add to it! Transferring your current service to a new address through EarthLink is quick and easy. Visit to learn more.