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EarthLink Keeps Americans Connected

EarthLink continues to closely monitor the circumstances related to the outbreak of the Coronavirus known as COVID-19. We have two priorities: the health and safety of our employees and providing uninterrupted service for our customers.

EarthLink has always offered a strong, reliable network, and we are committed to ensuring you always have the access you need. We recognize that staying in touch with your family, friends, school and work has never been more important.

EarthLink has never capped your data and won’t. Your information has always been private and secure, and always will be. EarthLink support has always been available; our best-in-class support staff are on standby now to assist you. Our service commitment to you remains our priority.

Food and Financial Aid

  • Feeding America: With a network of 200 food banks across the US, this organization is helping support communities impacted by the pandemic.
  • Food Pantries: Maintains a national database to locate food pantries and the best government and non-profit subsidized grocery resources in local communities.
  • National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation: This foundation established the Restaurant Employee Fund to help restaurant industry employees experiencing hardship in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • United Way: Has established the Covid-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund to support communities affected by the virus. The fund is set to help keep families in their homes who are currently in a financial crisis, stock food banks with essential staples to help feed children who rely on schools for meals.
  • WhyHunger: Created a Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund to help the food insecure and launched a crowd sourced map to connect individuals with free meal sites throughout the U.S.

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