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spamBlocker FAQ for Users of Bulk Email

This FAQ addresses questions and concerns you might have about EarthLink spamBlockerif you subscribe to email announcements, newsletters, mailing lists, and other solicited bulk email. For detailed help with spamBlocker, please return to spamBlocker help.

Will spamBlocker prevent me from receiving bulk email messages I want to receive?

No, although the way you receive those messages may change.

When you use spamBlocker's highest protection setting, you must specify which email addresses and domains you want to receive email from. If you add a bulk email sender's email address or domain to your Address Book, you will receive those emails in your inbox. If you do not add those addresses to your Address Book, those messages will be placed in your Suspect Email folder instead of your inbox.

By default, spamBlocker is set to the medium protection level. At this level, there is very little risk that spamBlocker will intercept solicited bulk email.

If spamBlocker intercepts a bulk email message, how will I know the message was sent?

You will receive periodic email summaries of all emails spamBlocker has intercepted.

In addition, you can check your Suspect Email folder anytime through Web Mail.

How easy is it to allow email from an individual or an organization that sends solicited bulk email?

Very easy. While viewing a message in the Suspect Email folder, you can choose Move to Inbox & Add Contactfrom a pull-down menu to allow future messages from that sender to pass directly to your inbox. In some cases, spamBlocker will give you a choice of email addresses to add (some bulk email messages contain the author's email address as well as that of the mailing list). In that case, choose the mailing list's address.

You also have the flexibility to specify that you want to receive email from an entire Company (Domain). This allows email from any address within that domain to reach your inbox.

Does spamBlocker send automatic replies? I don't want to flood bulk email senders with automatic responses.

Normally, spamBlocker replies automatically if you have not added the sender's email address or domain to your Address Book. However, we make every effort to detect whether a message is coming to you from a mailing list or other solicited bulk email sender so that spamBlocker will not send automatic replies.

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