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Reading and Sorting Messages

When you sign in to Web Mail, you will first see the contents of your Inbox. The Inbox is a folder where all new incoming messages are stored. When you open a folder, a list of its contents are displayed, this is called the message list.

In the message list, email messages are listed in the order they were received, with the most recent at the top. You can change the order by clicking one of the column titles at the top of the message list.

For each email message, the following information is displayed: the sender, the subject of the email, when it was received, and its size. (We will refer to this as the email's information line.)

At the top of the email list in the Inbox are the following clickable buttons: Delete, Spam, and a pull-down menu, called Move to. To use one of these functions on a particular email message, select the email message by checking the box to the left of its information line in the display list, then click the intended button.

  • Delete—sends the selected messages to the Trash folder.
  • Spam—opens a page where you can report the checked messages as spam, and block the addresses they were sent from.
  • Move to—Lets you send the email message to one of your folders.

Note: You can select all the messages in a folder by checking the box above all the other boxes, to the left of the Sender column title.

Checking for New Email Messages

Your new email messages will be displayed automatically each time you sign in to Web Mail. To check for new email messages again, when the window is already open, click the Check Mail link on the left panel of the screen.

Viewing a Message

To read a message, click its Subject in your message list. If you have Message Preview turned on, the message will appear in the Preview Pane. Otherwise, the contents of the message will replace the Message List.

When viewing a message, there are several buttons above the message window:

  • Reply—Creates a new message replying to the sender.
  • Reply All—Creates a new message replying to all the recipients.
  • Forward—Allows you to forward the message to someone else. You can choose to send the message as "inline text" (underneath the new message you type), or as an attachment to your new message.
  • Print—Opens a new window (or tab) with a print view of the message, and asks you whether you're ready to print.
  • Delete—Moves the message to the Trash folder. NOTE: If the message is already in the Trash, then clicking Delete will permanently delete the message.
  • Spam—Opens a new window where you can choose to report the spam to EarthLink and block future emails from that sender.
  • Move to—Allows you to move the message to the Trash or any other folder you choose.
  • More Actions—Allows you view headers or the message HTML source, or to mark the message as unread or flagged.

Viewing Attachments

A paper-clip icon to the left of a message on its information line means that the email message has an attachment.

To view an attachment:

  1. Open the message in question.
  2. Near the top of the message, beneath the Date, you will see a section for Attachments.
  3. Click the links to open the attachments. You can save the attachments to your computer just as you would save any other file from a Web page. In Internet Explorer, for example, you can right-click the link to the attachment and choose Save Target As.

Deleting a Message

To delete a message, check the box next to its information line in the message list, then click the Delete button.

Moving a Message

To move a message or group of messages to another folder:

  1. Check the boxes next to each message to be moved.
  2. Select the destination folder from the Move to pull-down menu at the top of the page. The message will be moved.

Replying to a Message

To reply to an email message:

  1. Open the message.
  2. To reply to the sender of the email message only, click the Reply button. To reply to the sender of an email message and to all other recipients, click the Reply All button. A Reply window will open, ready for you to type your message.
  3. Type your message and click Send.

To include the original email message in your reply (or stop including it):

  1. Click Preferences on the left of the Web Mail window. The Preferences window will open.
  2. Click Web Mail Options.
  3. Under Include Original When Replying, choose On or Off.
  4. Click Save at the top or bottom of the window.

Forwarding an Email Message

To forward an email message:

  1. Open the email message to be forwarded.
  2. Click the Forward pull-down menu and choose whether to send the message as "inline text" (underneath the new message you type), or as an attachment to your new message.
  3. Type an email address in the To box, then write and send your message.

Printing An Email Message

  1. Open the email message to be printed.
  2. Click the Print button along the top row of buttons. A new window will open with a printable view of the message, along with your computer's Print screen.
  3. Click the Print button on the Print screen.