Trellix Site Builder

Trellix Site Builder is a template-based Web site builder that's free for our Web hosting customers. There's no need to learn HTML or install any extra software. You can change or edit pages at any time. To see Trellix in action, watch the online demo

Using Trellix, you can:

To start using Trellix:

  1. Click the Trellix Site Builder link in the Site Management section on the left side of your Control Center. 

  2. A window containing the Trellix Site Builder system will appear. Follow the instructions on the page to build or edit your site.

  3. For help using Trellix, use the Help button in the lower-right corner of the Trellix page.

System Requirements

The only software you need to use Trellix Site Builder is a recent Web browser. Trellix works with the following browsers: